+Mike Elgan is touching on something [pun intended]

Again another excellent analysis worth to contemplate about:

"Social Tablet era"
"People are designed to socialize with other humans, and also to explore the world with touch."
Great one! Touch-based tablets - especially the iPad - plays to our deep hard-wired desire to touch things and - well - play with them. Hmm, is tactile experience the most 'emotional'?

So the symbiosis of tablet and social networks will revolutionize our social experience as built-in cameras in mobile phones did.

"Artificial Experience Phone Era"
Hmm, clumsy name. IBM is 'commercializing' AI on the high-end leveraging the visibility of Watson winning Jeopardy!. http://www.ibm.com/ibm100/us/en/icons/watson/
However, bringing first class "computer assistant" experience to the consumer market shifts everybody's experience. Voice recognition and control were around for many years - Dragon and ViaVoice are most notable contenders.

Well, PDAs were around for nearly 20 years as well but the breakthrough came when combined with multi-touch in iPhone and iPad.

I am still munching about these assessments. Definitely there is something in them. May be I am enchanted by Tuesday's event.

Maybe companies will soon need a BYOCA to work policy: Bring your own computer assistant.
Why Apple's event Tuesday will change everything

Ho-hum. Another iPhone. Tuesday’s Apple event is going to be boooo-ring, right?

Well, not so fast. I think that from a milestone perspective, Tuesday’s announcement may be the most important Apple has ever made.

Here's why:

(Note, this post is based on a post I did here on Google+ a few days ago.)
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