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Michael Friess
Making sense (and a bit of fun) of great and little ideas.
Making sense (and a bit of fun) of great and little ideas.

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Refocus Workflow For Real Programmers

I am thankful that +Matthias Kloppmann took the time to capture his thoughts why workflow technologies are relevant for real programmers more than ever.

Over the last months Matthias and I had numerous discussions about topics such as

- Relevance of text-based representations  
  best epitomized by increasing popularity of Markdown and its derivates. For example, see [The Future of Markdown]

- Importance of syntax and style suitable for the task at hand to evoke a simple mental model  
  Take for example [Markdown] and [YAML].
- Significance of atomic textual elements enabling real programmers to combine them with other textual elements into molecules and to build and evolve computational organisms in team.  
  The power of UNIX stems from its design of atomic commands that can be combined via input, output and pipes. Brad Frost applies the conceptual model of chemistry to design systems via [Atomic Design].

- Dawn of a new era of application and system design  
  The [Reactive Manifesto] captures the need and key characteristics perfectly.

It is still unclear which textual representation (language) is the best choice to program, in a reactive style, for systems of engagements. The workflow paradigm provides a conceptual model that is literally well suited for the parallel tasks at hand. The workflow programming style may evolve into a formidable programming language for building systems of engagements.

[The Future of Markdown]:
[Atomic Design]:
[Reactive Manifesto]:

#BPM   #workflow   #programming   #reactive   #atomicdesign   #programminglanguage  
## Workflow: Back to Programming and Programmers ##

I’ve been involved in Workflow technology for about two decades, and have seen (and driven) systems evolve to full-fledged BPM suites, meta-models evolve to comprehensive multi-faceted standards, user roles evolve to non-techies in the business.

Programmers are not in focus for BPM. But workflow is an interesting technology for programmers, now more than ever. Now more than ever? Why would that be?

In short, because of these trends:

* [Systems of Engagements surfaced by mobile devices] [1].
  Such sytems require supporting backend applications that combine services, involve multiple people, correlate events, push notifications, all in an overall stateful application context. Workflows are natural for this task.

* [Reactive Programs] [2].
  The Reactive Manifesto lays out event-based application models requiring responsiveness at high scale and resilience. The workflow programming model simplifies event-based, responsive programming; when combined with execution on a Platform-as-a-Service, it's really easy to create reactive programs.

* Programmatic workflow models with native Internet service support.
  The former means, a workflow is a program in a textual language that can be created with any editor or IDE – not a graphical "language" requiring a special tool which is often not acceptable for programmers. The latter means, consuming or prodiving REST services is part of the language, including security via Internet standards such as OpenID and OAuth. Combined it means a lot of appeal for programmers.

This workflow programming style is still evolving. Looking 16 years back, it's a way of [workflow-based programming] [3] ([direct download] [4]) adopted to our current era, with a refocus on programming, in a reactive style, for systems of engagement. 



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Story Snug adds new features step by step: Guest Bloggers

I especially like this one because of its LotR style.

Love what is evolving here.
Have you met A Boggle at Bewilderwood? 

A big thank you to +Kevin O'Hara for introducing us to Boggles and Twiggles in his guest post on Story Snug. I'm really intrigued by the book after reading his great book review :o)

'In a way it’s a ‘Lord of the Rings’ or ‘The Hobbit’ for the young child.' 

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Win a Picture Book of Your Choice

Only for a few more hours and still with incredibly good odds!

We're giving a book away for International Book Giving Day 2014. The winner can choose any book recommended on Story Snug. The book must be available to order on The Book Depository and you need to live in a country where The Book Depository will deliver.

Happy International Book Giving Day!

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Giveaway today: Signed copy of Old Bear Stories

It is a fantastic Christmas presents for children or parents. Better enter quickly. Ends today. Your chances are still pretty good!
Last day to win a signed copy of Jane Hissey's Old Bear Stories. Five Old Bear stories in one beautiful book, it would make a lovely Christmas present :o)


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Profits are not happiness. Anyway.

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Anybody surprised about this?
Alternatives: XING, GMX
United States intelligence agencies, including the NSA and the FBI, have direct access to the central servers of companies like Microsoft, Google, Facebook, Apple, Yahoo, Skype, YouTube and AOL, according to documents obtained by the Washington Post. 

The top-secret program is called PRISM and allows the U.S. government to track a person's movements and contacts in real time. “They quite literally can watch your ideas form as you type,” according to one intelligence officer.


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Good read. Strange photo.
A lot of people launching apps have to decide between native and web, which comes first. Here are some of my experiences with both a mobile app and a native Android app. Would be interested to hear what others have learned about web versus native in the mobile arena.

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I wonder: Does the multiverse use branch prediction to occupy less 'memory'?
Is Nature Unnatural? Decades of confounding experiments have physicists considering a startling possibility: The universe might not make sense.

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Experiment. Check your facts. says Scientific Mom

Love it.
One of the most important messages in this age of "information". Although experimentation is not feasible for most situations, doing your own research and fact finding from reliable sources, is. 

Additional Comics

#sciencesunday  (+ScienceSunday; +Allison Sekuler, +Buddhini Samarasinghe+Chad Haney, +Rajini Rao, +Robby Bowles)

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