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Cory Hartlen
Love all things people, food, and comedy!!
Love all things people, food, and comedy!!

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Yes, this is me

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Only took one conversation to be put near the top of my favourite people list! She just captivates. Looking forward to our next cool beverage, hope it happens sooner than later, fly high dude!
Over three and half years ago, an exciting startup took a chance on me, and we worked our tails off to build a fantastic community.

Today, I say farewell to Radian6 as they continue to make incredible strides in the social media community, and I start a new adventure of my own. Thank you to my friends, colleagues, and community for an amazing journey. I've been so proud to be part of it.

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Sometimes I think I'm on top of this whole SM thing, then I read something by +Tom Webster and realize this hill is a mountain and I'm closer to the bottom than I thought! Great post.
#the5:@webby2001 has a must-read on measuring actual social media influence with the Webster APM Index:
+Tom Webster crushes it in this post. You must read it if you're at all concerned with measuring actual influence and not just Klout scores.

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This is funny! No BS funny.
Long list of possible nominations for this one, but truly one clear winner.

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lol, love it Amber!
I absolutely love when people look at social media solely as a waste of time and a productivity drain.

Anything, when done without purpose, can be that. But y'all keep going on and thinking that this is just time wasted, and I'll go ahead and keep running circles around you. :)

Just trying to wet my feet with Google+, need some pointers from Lauren Vargas!
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