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At Metro Self Storage®, we know self storage is more than finding a place for your belongings. It's the peace of mind that comes with knowing they're safe. That's why we've put together a helpful resource center to help you find packing and moving supplies, answer any questions you may have or give you advice on the safest way to pack and store your personal items.

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#Moving season is upon us once again. The outside temperatures are starting to warm, spring cleaning is in full effect and the need to store winter belongings has become apparent. 

But what do you do with everything that was collected over the holidays? The garage is full and the extra bedroom is being utilized...Have no fear.  Metro Self Storage to the rescue!

Currently we're offering a super valuable promotion on select units. Come on down and talk with our knowledgeable #storage consultants to help you pick the right size storage unit.

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What size Storage Unit to you need?

Whether its #organizing or #moving on your mind that's making you contemplate a self storage unit, you will undoubtedly ask yourself "What size do I need?" 

This million dollar question is tough and fraught with many other questions like "What will I need to store?" or "Do I really need to keep this?" but no need to stress, we here at Metro Self Storage have compiled a list of tips to help you decide what storage unit size is a best fit.

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The move is over but the boxes remain. What to Do?

Have no fear! We here at Metro Self Storage have 5 #fun things to do with your empty moving boxes. If you're like most people, #moving is hard enough and finding what to do with those pesky empty boxes seems daunting. In fact they may be taking up space in the garage, closet or attic. It's time to take them out, dust them off and get creative! 

Or in addition to our 5 fun things to do with moving boxes, you may consider donating your cardboard to a local #CardboardChallenge near you. More information on the +Imagination Foundation  page.

#GlobalCardboardChallenge #crafts #diy #boxes #cardboardcreations #imagination

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Peace of mind?

Sounds good right. But what happens when you put your belongings into a #storage unit? Depending on whether you rent or own your home, you are probably asking yourself one of the following three questions:

1. Does renters #insurance cover storage units?
2. Does homeowners insurance cover storage units?
3. What if I don’t have either insurance?

Making sure that you are covered is Metro’s way of ensuring you have the peace of mind when it comes to protecting your stuff.

#selfstorage #insurance #wekeepyourstuffsafe #storageunits #tenantinsurace

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Storing in the #Summer:
Moving out of your apartment or dorm for the summer? Self-storage is the perfect solution for this time of year! Keep your things in one place ready to go for your next move. What’s the trick to finding the best spot for your stuff? Here are some starter ideas:
1) What size of unit do you need? - Most students find that a 5x5 unit is ideal for storing everything that won’t fit in the back of your car, but check with our storage experts for your perfect fit.
2) What amenities are useful? - Check out our access hours so you know when you can swing by to drop off or pick up a few boxes!
3) Preparing your stuff - Remember to defrost, clean, and dry your mini fridge. It’s also a great idea to clean your microwave to prevent mold. Never store any food or drink items, no matter how non-perishable!
4) Packing your stuff - Store books in multiple smaller boxes so they don’t get too heavy.
5) Keep in touch - Keep a business card with our phone number,  your storage unit number, and gate access code. And always call with questions!

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How much storage do you need?!  
It is important estimate the amount of storage space you will need for your belongings before purchasing a rental unit. Take inventory of the items headed into storage and write it down. Be sure to measure the dimensions of large bulky items like appliances and furniture. Take note of what is stackable and what is not. Plan for needing extra space so you have room to make a walkway to get to the back of your unit. Give us a call for more #storagetips, or comment with your own! 

Looking to make some extra space in your garage this spring?

Our clean and secure #storageunits are a great place to store your winter time gear. We have a variety of unit sizes to meet your needs.
Our tenants have found that making space in their home is great. They store a number of items that go unused during the spring and summer months including:
* Winter time clothing
* Skis and snowboards
* Sleds
* Other items that you do not want to get rid of, but want to move out of the home.

What items are you going to put into storage during the warm summer months ahead?

Contact one of our friendly storage managers today to get help finding the right unit at the right price for your needs!

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It’s that time of year again to tackle some much needed spring cleaning. If you’re like a lot of us, your car doesn’t actually fit in its cozy home called the “garage.” Here are a few tips to get your garage in shape. 

- Start by cleaning and sorting the items you no longer need. Go through everything! Sort items into piles that need to be organized or brought to your storage unit.
- Invest in sturdy shelving and stackable clear-plastic bins. A lot of space is typically wasted higher up. Store items that won’t need to be taken down often on top shelves.
- Consider re-arranging. Take the time to plan a layout of how your garage will function the best; grab a friend to help you move the bulky items. 
- Store similar items together: yard tools & supplies, camping gear, sporting goods, etc. 
- Keep the floor clear. 

Being able to store your vehicle in the garage will keep it clean and will help it last longer.

Getting organized starts right at home. Do your best to organize your garage, closets and sheds - and then bring the items you don’t need into your storage unit! The new season brings the need for different items, so keep in mind what you will need in the coming months. Keep items at home that you will be needing and store away what you won’t be touching for a bit. You will enjoy less clutter at home and make fewer last minute trips to and from your storage unit. 
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