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I really hope Google can pull this off. This could be a game changer in cell phones.
The two-year quest to create the ultimate customizable phone, inside and out.
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Miles Beck

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Zak Cat
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Miles Beck

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Anyone thinking about getting a Mint Box 2 and installing LMDE on it? If not what would you get a as a new computer for LMDE?
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+Miles Beck I am very happy with my Sys76! 
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Miles Beck

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I'm trying to manually check that the update command is working before I set up a cron job. I'm using the following command to see the output. "cd /home2/milesbec/public_html/ttrss && /usr/bin/php53s /home2/milesbec/public_html/ttrss/update.php -feeds" When I run this I see the contents of a file. Does this mean the update is working? The file contents is below.

Content-Language: auto
Content-Type: text/html; charset=

                <title>Tiny Tiny RSS data update script.</title>
                <meta http-equiv="Content-Type" content="text/html; charset=utf-8">
                <link rel="stylesheet" type="text/css" href="utility.css">

                <div class="floatingLogo"><img src="images/logo_wide.png"></div>
                <h1>Tiny Tiny RSS data update script.</h1>

                <div class="error" id="">
                        <img src="images/sign_excl.svg">Please run this script from the command line. Use option "-help" to display command help if this error is displayed erroneously.</div>
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+Andrew Dolgov Do you know why when I run the command I get the above page as output? 
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Miles Beck

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Anyone know where I could get one of these bulbs in the phoenix metro area? 

T1-3/4 Midget Groove LED bulb
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Napa Auto did not have it. I'm just going to order it online.
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Anyone else getting blank emails from  "Ingress Operations"? I've been getting them for the last three days. +Brandon Badger +Joe Philley 
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I got one of these two days ago.
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Miles Beck

Debian Edition  - 
Has there been any discussion on the Mintbox 2 with LMDE? I'm interested in getting it but wondered if it would work ok with that device. 
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Miles Beck

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Turning off the TV has many benefits.
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Haha, yes!
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Miles Beck

Installation Problems  - 
Hello all, another Google Reader refuge here. I am trying to install TTRSS and am running into a few issues. I've followed the directions in the installation notes and imported the schema file and am not able to connect to TTRSS. I changed the DB_Type to mysql and when I go to the address for TTRSS I get a server error. I CAN connect to the database when in the shell. Any help would be appreciated.

Also, I tried to use the demo before trying the install and it's not working.

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I got it working. It's amazing what a difference in PHP versions makes. ;)
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