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Clicking a mission number in the Roadmap section does not take you to the mission anymore. I've tried several missions and they all take you to the global view of the Intel map.
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Could we go back to having states listed on the main page for a country? Then you would select the state or region you want instead of displaying the whole country when you are only interested in one section. This would reduce the load time and traffic sent to the servers.

I've noticed lately that the load times are slower than before. Maybe this could help.
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+Freddec Ingress​ I also agree with +Miles Beck​. Maybe have the regions collapsed instead of displaying all regions when you load the countries page with options to expand each region of filter based on the region (through a click on the region). Loading the entire country makes my phone and Web browser (only older Windows PC) hang and become unresponsive. 
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I'm getting a page not found error now when I click on the mission series I just added. The link to the series is below: 

This is a mission series in Yuma, AZ.
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Should this be added to Ingress-Mosaics?
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I'm getting the attached error when I try and upload my stats. Is there an issue with uploading right now or do I need to do something on my end?
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+Nurse Burster Ah, that was it. The "profile" part of that sentence did not make sense to me. Thanks! It's working now.
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I'm getting the following error right now when I try and upload a new image. "Internal Server Error: No picture sent." I tried this on my phone and tablet and and got the same error.
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+Eu Ji thanks!
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Could we please get an option to delete missions we have submitted? I just tried adding a mission series that only took one of the missions in the series of six. I tried to edit it but no matter what I do it is only showing the one mission. When I go to edit it so the mission image shows up all the missions show up and I enter the numbers to create the mission in the right order but the mission image preview is not present.

The mission series that needs to be deleted so I can fix it is here:
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Mosaic fixed!
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Miles Beck (Sivan)

Discussion & Help  - 
Is anyone successfully using the uniques and sync plugins to show you've captured portals? I'm carrying a second phone with me running IITC and then making sure the portal highlight color changes from red to green. when I get home I sync from the phone that was running IITC and then check on the Intel map. The intel map is not showing the portals I just captured. If I still own the portal then I can click on it and it changes to the right color on the Intel map.

Anyone else have this issue or know how to get it working consistently?

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After messing with sync for a long time, I decided to drop sync and now I just log uniques data with my mobile IITC instance since I can update that as I play. I've had too many instances of the old data getting an update and pushed to the server, overwriting my new data. (Most recently I lost data on nearly 600 unique visits and 400 unique caps since I hadn't had sync on for around 6 months)
There's a guy creating a plugin to export/import uniques data, thus being able to create a manual backup/sync, but it's still in beta.
In the future, if I need to get my uniques data on my desktop I'm going to delete the server side record and let sync populate it from my mobile before reactivating it back on my desktop. (thankfully bookmarks has an export/import feature so I can back that up manually)

This has been the most frustrating and yet the most useful set of plugins on IITC. (ok, maybe Drawtools is more useful, but now stock has that capability (ugly as it is))
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Are changes being made to the web site? I noticed the layout looks different now for the mosaics and the mission badges are now in the wrong order for some missions.
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I just had to open 24  missions to check them all. If you had to do this for California it would take hours.

It appears all the vertical missions that are not six missions wide all have a display issue.
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Thanks for adding me. I really like being able to add new mural missions to the site. I do have a couple suggestions to make it less work for Freddec.

1. Enable the removal of mosaics you add. I had added a mosaic only to find out it was not complete. So I had to email Freddec to remove it for me.
2. Enable the removal of non-linked missions you add. One of the mosaics I started to add was submitted incorrectly. I had to email Freddec about this as well and am waiting for the mosaic to be fixed before I submit it again.
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Hello! I agree, I wish to modify some mosaic missions and it is not possible. Some are incorrect, some are missing info. :(
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Miles Beck (Sivan)

Takedown appeals  - 
Type of appeal: Rejection of portal removal
Portal name: Tempe Water Tower
Portal location: 1509-1521 West Broadway Road, Tempe, AZ 85282, USA
Intel Link:,-111.964236&z=16&pll=33.406985,-111.967517
Near: I-10 and Broadway in Tempe, Az.
Portal rejection reason:  Insufficient Evidence to remove portal

Imgur album with more information:

This portal has been reported as invalid due to the fact that you have to trespass on city property to access the portal. There is no safe way other than trespassing to get to the portal.

Please see the attached album on Imgur for more information.

Per the portal criteria this is an invalid portal as you as it does not have safe pedestrian access.
"Candidates in locations with NO SAFE PEDESTRIAN ACCESS."

The blue line in the first image in the Imgur album shows the gated fence with the no trespassing sign.
The red line is the road past the locked fence you have to trespass to safely access the portal.
The yellow line is the dangerous way to get to the portal that eventually leads to a near
vertical rock face which is trespassing and unsafe.
The portal is inaccessible from the other locations as there are fences in the way that prohibits you from getting close enough to interact with the portal.
Imgur: The most awesome images on the Internet.
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+Miles Beck The biggest hazard is RF exposure.  There are a few microwave point-to-point links set up at the top, and one of the trails leading around the site crosses right in front of one of the radomes.  But like I said, I can probably have the city officially request removal of the portal.  I'd suggest you contact the city of Tempe yourself as well.
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Miles Beck (Sivan)

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How not to play nice with others. You're a class act patochan.
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