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Stephanie K
Writer. Southern. Music addict.
Writer. Southern. Music addict.

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Joining Friends on the Other Side
            Unlike a
lot of people, I actually like Friday the 13 th . Maybe it’s just
because I’ve always been one of those kids who preferred to go against the
grain. I’m not particularly superstitious either. Mostly, I just like to think
of this day as s...

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Just a Quick Dash Thru
            I got word
today that there is a chance I’ll finally get my car back a week from Monday.
This is as exciting as it is disappointing. The accident happened on May 16 th and the following Monday, I was driving my mom’s van. We’re looking at a

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An Open Letter to Social Media
We all have our reasons for using
social media. Business. Keep up with family. To be nosy. But whatever our
motive, we're all impacted by changes when the big wigs decide to roll them out
for no other reason than because they can. Contrary to what they thin...
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