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Flickers of Light
I haven't blogged in months.  For quite a bit of that time I was in a pretty deep funk.  The holidays were hard, really hard.  The longer it's been since losing Eli the harder it seems to be.  I really sank into a pretty dark hole, and the world had moved o...

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Cold and Warm @ Target
Yesterday was 3 weeks until Eli's 5th birthday, yet we only got to celebrate 3 with him in our arms. Today it's all of a sudden turned cold.  The leaves are falling off the tree.  There is talk of snow. Winter is right around the corner.  Eli loved the cold...

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Back of the Pack
I'm a back of the pack runner, way back.  I feel like us back of the packers are forgotten. We reach the finish line and the only ones to cheer us in and congratulate us are the few family and friends who chose to wait.  The food and drinks are depleted.  T...

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Awareness Week
It's Mitochondrial Disease Awareness week.  It's the 2nd time we have had to live through this week with out our little boy. It's been a hell of a time these last 2 weeks for our family. Benjamin ended up hospitalized 2 weeks ago here in Wichita.  We were t...

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Goals.  Most of us have them.  Sometimes we meet them, sometimes we don't.  Sometimes we forget we even set goals days later. That used to be me.  I would be like, hey here's my goal, lets do it.  Then I would rock that shit for a few days until life happen...

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The Fall
I feared it for months after brain surgery.  I have avoided activities that presented increased possibilities. I have been careful, sometimes fearful.  We have heard the warning and lectures.  We have talked to the kids, they know exactly what to do if it e...

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Last week I ran 1.55 miles without taking 1 single walk step break. Saturday I ran 3.1 miles without taking 1 single walk step break. Last night I ran 5 miles without taking 1 single walk step break. My strength amazes me.  The things my body is able to do....
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