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Amanda Steyer
A mom seeking balance in a house full of rannygahoots.
A mom seeking balance in a house full of rannygahoots.

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Celebration Vacation
It wasn't so much of a vacation as forty-eight hour stay and fifteen hours of travel between 3pm Friday and 6am Monday.  We got to take part in a wonderful 90th birthday celebration in Pennsylvania for Grandma Jean, my husband's paternal grandmother. We got...

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One of the things I've let go of this Lent in order to make room for faith and family is time online. Apparently so, since this blog has been quite sparse this Lent.  I've learned something quite interesting - it's increasingly difficult to keep up with fri...

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Storm Prep
We live in New England, where a blizzard dumped a foot and a half of snow and provided a nice opportunity for our family to spend time together ... cleaning.  Ok, so we didn't spend the entire time cleaning, but I did take the opportunity over the past few ...

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Aquarium Adventure or Crazy Homeschoolers on a Snowy Day
At School of Lay Ministry the other night we got on the topic of finding blessings and living in gratitude even, and especially, in the most difficult of situations. Dealing with cancer? Pray for the most treatable kind. Having a difficult time walking? Dec...

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The Day That Wouldn't Have Happened
Letting go is beginning to make room. Yesterday's usual obligations cleared out by letting go made room for a day out with my three youngest children.  We were blessed with the opportunity to entertain two year old Elin while her parents filled out job appl...

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I do a lot. A lot.  Doing, helping, being involved in faith, theater, homeschool, and other communities is what keeps me going despite chronic illness and pain. But recently I have felt that some of my commitments have not been serving me well. It was time ...

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Sometimes we need to let go of expectations and see what happens.  Teaching Puppetry in various forms at Epoch Arts Homeschool Co-op has taught me a lot about expectations. Sometimes expectations are a good thing. Sometimes they can hinder creativity and gr...

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Mail Time
Letting go and making room... Mail takes up a lot of mental and emotional space, as well as physical space. I knew it was time to clean things out when I found a grocery store ad from last year, along with some Christmas cards in my pile of mail awaiting my...

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Virtual Clutter
Practicing awareness of how I feel about every aspect of my life is part of my letting go and making room journey this Lent. Upon getting online this morning, I realized that I felt overwhelmed by the number of emails awaiting me in my email accounts. Thous...

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Let Go, Make Room
The Shrove Tuesday Pancake Dinner at Tuesday Night Sunday School is over. The pancake race is done. The word-that-cannot-be-said-again-until-Easter has been boxed up. We are entering Lent.  Every year for Lent, I choose a Lenten discipline of some sort or a...
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