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Edge is one of the top-notch and fastest browsers used by the billions of users across the world. It is highly known for it's secured and fastest browsing features that make it more preferable to use. Users can access Edge browser on various devices and OS. It’s very important to keep update Edge browser because every update comes with lots of features and bug fixes. The process of updating is quite very simple and one can follow it.

Users can follow below #steps_to_update_Edge_browser in a very simple way:

· First of all, click on Start icon on your computer.

· Click on the Settings icon and then choose Update & Security.

· Now click on Windows Update.

· Now click on the Check for updates tab.

· After that, it will check for available updates and if you found anyone, then click on it.

· Now follow the on-screen instructions to complete the update procedure.

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Steps to share a printer wirelessly

1. First you need to make sure that both the computer and the printer are turned on. Then connect the printer to one of the computers connected to the network.

2. After that check if the printer's drivers have been updated. If it has not been, then look at the printer's manufacturer's website to see the latest drivers. From the website, download the one you need for your printer.

3. After doing that open the 'Start Menu' in your desktop and then search for 'Control Panel'. Then click the icon to open this folder. Look for the 'Printers' or the 'Printers and Other Hardware' window under 'Control Panel'.

4. After that look for the printer which you want to include in the network. Now right-click on the printer's icon and then choose 'Sharing' from the menu.

5. If you have Windows Operating System, then look in the 'Add Printer Wizard,' for 'Browse for Printer' option. Then, look for the Windows network, and then scroll down the workgroup to the shared printer. Your printer will have the name you assigned earlier. Once you choose the shared printer, click to connect. Doing this will ensure that the shared printer will appear in the printer’s dialog box when printing.

6. If you are a Mac user, then look for 'Printer Utility' and then run the 'Printer Browser'. Select 'More Printers...' in order to look for the printers included in the network. Now choose 'Windows Printing,' and scroll down through the workgroup until you see the computer with the printer attached. Now you can select the name of the computer, then encode the printer name but leave the password blank.

7. You should choose 'Ok' after so that you save all changes and make the printer completely accessible to the clients of the wireless network. It is the best to also add the printer to the firewall's list of approved devices. When you do this then it would not be 'blocked' when launched. Also, users of Windows Vista will need a user's account login information to access the shared printer.

For any technical issue against any printer you can call our printer technical support number.

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Steps to fix time and date keep changing on my laptop

You can follow below steps to fix time and date keep changing on my laptop:

1. First you can right-click the time and date display which is on the right side of the Windows task bar and select "Adjust Date/Time."

2. After that you can open the "Internet Time" tab in the "Date and Time" dialog box. This would open up and then click the "Change Settings" button. Then you can confirm the operation or type in your administrator password, if prompted.

3. After that click to deselect the check box for "Synchronize with an Internet Time Server" and then click "OK."

4. Now click "Apply" and "OK" to save your settings. The time and date will not change on your laptop again.

This is how you can fix time and date keep changing on my laptop.

When you have any technical issue on your laptop and you need help for it then you can dial our laptop technical support number to get the solution instantly. You can talk to our technical expert and raise your issue with your laptop. Expert from our side will give you step by step solution. You can buy our cost effective annual package and get our services 24X7 for 365 days in a year. So, any time if you are facing any technical glitch with your laptop you can dial our laptop technical support number.

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Here we will tell you how to maximize your iPhone battery life.

Steps to maximize battery life on my iPhone

· Turn on the low power mode on your iPhone

· Turn off the iCloud, which consumes power

· Close the presently unused applications

· Turn off automatic download

· Reduce the screen brightness

· Reduce the auto lock time

· Disable dynamic background

· Prevent background app refresh

· Turn off the Bluetooth and WIFI if not required

· Turn off 4G if not required

Do not get annoyed with your iPhone technical issues from now, call our iPhone technical support number and enjoy our world-class and effective service.

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Steps to update internet explorer in windows 7

You can follow below steps to update internet explorer in windows 7:

1. Open your computer and then click on the Start icon on the bottom left.

2. Then type in Internet Explorer in search box.

3. Then select Internet Explorer.

4. Now click on the gear icon in the upper right corner.

5. Then select About Internet Explorer.

6. Now you can check the box which you can see next to Install new versions automatically.

7. Then click Close.

Once you do this then Internet Explorer will automatically stay up to date, keeping Windows' internet services patched.

Internet Explorer is among the the most used browser for both personal and office PCs in the world. Millions of people for long time have found Internet Explorer which is popularly known as IE a very good browser and also easy to use. You can use IE as search engine and on Microsoft based operating systems like windows, IE is loaded by default. It offers various add ons and extensions also using which you can browse any website without any extra software. Yes, IE is great but IE is not free from technical bugs. However the good thing is that you have support also available. When you face a technical bug with Internet Explorer you have Internet Explorer technical support in place as well. You will get service solution for all technical issues when you contact our Internet Explorer technical support team.

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Set up Zoho account on iPhone?

When you want to set up Zoho account on your iPhone then you can follow below steps:

1. First step is to open the Settings app on your iPhone.

After that you need to tap Mail, Contacts, Calendars.
Now you need to select Add Account.
Then tap Microsoft Exchange in the next step.
After that enter your Zoho Mail address (using "" or your own domain) under Email.
Enter your Zoho Mail address again under Username.
In the next step tap your Zoho Mail password under Password. You can leave the Domain field as blank here.
As an option, type "Zoho Mail" or whatever you wish under Description instead of "Exchange".
Now tap Next.
Enter "" under Server.
After that tap Next.
You must make sure that Mail is ON. If you want to synchronize contacts and calendars with the Zoho suite as well, then make sure the respective settings are ON.
Tap Save to complete the process.

This is how you can set up Zoho account on iPhone.

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Here are the steps to find the location of a file on my computer and start working on it accordingly to keep their work going.

· Choose the start option

· Go to my computer option

· Double click on the item to open

· You can double click on the floppy or any drive

· Scroll down to get the file in that folder

· Double click on the file you want

· If it’s downloaded then go to the download folder to get it

· For specific folder go to the folder

These steps will make it possible for the users to get the file and start working on it easily. Once the users get the file they need to open it and start working on it easily.

Once the users locate their folder then it becomes easy for them to work on it and provide them the ease in their work. If they find any issue in their work then they need not to worry as they can call on the computer technical support number where the experts will provide the best solution for their issues and make it easy for them to work. The experts will be available 24/7 to provide solution to them for their work. Users can also go to the support page and find the solution form their.

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Download uc browser on my phone

Whether you are using Android smart phone, ios phone or windows phone you can download UC browser on your phone from Google play store or other play store on your device. You can follow below mentioned steps for that.

When you want to download uc browser on your Android phone then you can follow below steps:

1. Open the Play store on your phone.

2. Then search for UC browser from the search bar.

3. Now choose UC browser app from the list.

4. Now click on download.

5. Now wait until it is downloaded on your phone.

6. If you have enough space on your phone then it will be downloaded in quick time.

Now you can use UC browser easily on your phone.

UC browser customer service number

These days UC browser is one of the most popular mobile phone browsers and it is very useful too. Millions of users are using UC browser on their phone worldwide. UC browser offers you multiple features but you can also often come across a plethora of issues with it UC browser also like installing issue, setup and using the UC browsers for Phones issue. So, when you are having troublesome situations like these, then you can consider contacting UC browser customer service number and get the finest UC browser customer service. We offer reliable and authentic customer service and we have a team of highly skilled, trained and experienced people, who wok for 24X7 and for 365 days round the year to help you. Experts can help users in resolving all sorts of UC browser technical snags or errors in a shortest possible time.

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Use a Canon printer

Canon printer is among one of the bestselling printer which is equipped with different features and helps to make the work of the users go easily. It provides the ease to the users in their work and make it easy for them to get the quick copies of the work they want to get. The canon printer can be also used as the multiple tasking device as it is also equipped with fax, scanner and printer feature. The canon printer makes the work of the users go easily and fast.

The canon printers are very easy to use and make the work of the users go at good pace. Users need not to be panicked while using the canon printer as they can go through the given steps to use a canon printer and make their work go at good pace.

· Plug the printer to the outlet

· Plug USB cable from the printer to the computer

· Install the printer drivers

· Print a test page form the printer

· Go to the control panel and right click on the printers and choose properties option

· Select the print test page option

· Use the canon printer program to configure the printer of your preferences

· Perform regular maintenance

These steps will be helpful for the users to make it possible for them to work on the canon printer and allow them to keep their work going easily.

The canon printer will make the work of the users go easy and fast and it will also make it possible for them to get the quick copies of the pages. It is equipped with multiple features which makes the working easy.

If users face any issue then they can also call on the Canon printer technical support number and get connected with the experts.

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Why clear cache and cookies?

You always want trouble free internet browsing experience. When you cleari Cache and Cookies then it is an important first step in tis direction of almost any troubleshooting for internet browsing. The 'cache' is a tool which is used by your internet browser to speed up the page loading process. But sometimes it can cause a problem. This happens especially when websites are updated and developed as files saved in the cache may conflict with what is actually coded into the website. When you clear Cache and Cookies then you can be sure that any issues you may come across are actually something wrong with the website, and there is no inconsistencies caused by using different browsers.For any help for any browser you can call our browser support number.

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