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My OSRIC module "The Palace Beyond" is now available! I'm pretty proud of this one. I tried to bring something different to the table, and I think I succeeded. Highly recommended!
Advanced Adventures #32: The Palace Beyond is now available!
I'm pleased to say that AA#32: The Palace Beyond is now available in print form from our website and in PDF form from RpgNow ! This adventure written by Jasper Polane explores a 3-dimensional space unlike most other adventures and should pose quite the chal...

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My OSRIC module The Palace Beyond is coming out this february. Can't wait, I'm proud on this one.

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This is the reason I haven't been writing D&D: my fantasy novel 'Lege steden' ("Empty Cities") is coming out first week of october. If you're in the Netherlands, get it at your local book store. If you can read Dutch but are in another country, order it at

Okay, I've been away for 3 months because I was crowd funding my novel. Now that that's done, I'm slowly catching up with Google+ and the OSR.

Did I miss anything I definitely should read?

Dutch scientists have succeeded in teleporting data. The future truly is now!

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Man, this looks terrible. As expected, I suppose.

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I'll be drawing!
Hey, everybody, tell your friends -- March 14 is Everybody Draw RoboCop Day!

I just kind of decided that henceforth, on March 14th, we should all draw pictures of RoboCop and share 'em online.

Why Would I Want To Do This?
I dunno, man! You tell me! If you're reading this and thinking DUDE YES!, what more do you need? 

*What's The Occasion?"
March 14th. It's a day. We draw RoboCop.

Any Guidelines?
Um...keep it clean, maybe? And no goofy puns on the name, 'cause, pffft. Other than that, though...draw him being awesome, draw him eating a hot dog, make a quick sketch, start working on a 3D model right this moment...whatever.

Anything Else?
Sure. #DrawRoboCop for your Twitter-books or whatever you kids do. 

Your move, Cr-- uh, Cronies!

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After a long hiatus, a new entry in the series "Faces of Pretomournon". Ibbo is another character that has travelled from another campaign to the Weird Opera world.

I've reached 10th place in the Paul Harland Price. The PHP is the most important award for fantasy, horror and sciencefiction stories in The Netherlands. With 206 entries a place in the top ten isn't bad at all. I'm happy!

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One of my favorite actors has died. Sad.
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