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Take the burned bacon off and then we can eat !!!
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We all should eat burned bacon so when we fart it may just save our lives and keep the Muslim terrorists in their own country lmfao 😁💨
Damn!!! That looks Frickin good!
Wash it down with a bottle of red wine to clear out the arteries.
I hear u but im a vegeterian ,,thank u ,,Defina for your amazing dish,,enjoy,,,
Ewwwwwww... Call my cadiologist whn were don't eating
that sounds amazing/disgusting
That looks gross.

Now, if the meatloaf was stuffed with ketchup, on some angel hair, and maybe had a little bit of cheese rubbed on it, then that would be delicious.
Gazillion calories followed by a stroke or cardiac arrest 😨😨
I was rushed to the hospital eating this shit, I finished half of it. Worth it
This could single handedly feed a starving village in Africa. 
Tim Bo
Lol ... that looks really good, I'll have a big tall Dr Pepper to wash it down ..