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FCC and Your Open Source Hardware

+Nanik T 
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The sub assembly and test equipment exemptions are the most useful ones, imho
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oh i like!
NEW PRODUCTS – Mini Illuminated Momentary Pushbutton – Red and Blue Power Symbols

This Mini Illuminated Momentary Power Button is an adorable breadboard-friendly tactile switch that has a built-in LED. It provides a simple way to add a tactile switch and a colorful universal power symbol to your project.

The tact switch is about the same size as 6mm tactile switches and can snap into a breadboard. There are an additional two pins that connect to the anode and cathode of a small LED that shines through the top.

Note that this is a momentary button, not a on-off switch! Also, the LED is not connected to the switch in any way, and does not include a resistor. You’ll need to add your own ~1K resistor and control the LED with a microcontroller pin or whatever you like.

We have the switch in both Blue and Red!

In stock and shipping now!
#newproduct   #diyelectroinics   #compnent   #LED   #pushbutton   #momentary  
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+Thomas Ruecker You're the man TBR. :-)
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Most powerful +96Boards CE hardware so far thanks to +MediaTek Helio X20 deca-core ARM Cortex A72/A53 processor.
More and more companies are joining the 96Boards bangwagon, and the latest move by Mediatek Labs will mean their Helio X20 development board, designed in collaboration with ArcherMind, will be the most powerful 96Boards CE edition released so far thanks to its deca-core processor with two Cortex ...
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hey +Philip Balister ! which one of these turtles is Yocto Linux built with Poky and packaged with OpenEmbedded?
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Implying Debian is slow as a tortoise? Certainly true in some regards.
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New Version of the $60 DSO from JYE Tech!
thanks to +Michael Welling for pointing out there is a new version of the popular DSO-112 from ! they've fixed a bunch of the minor issues that i had found, and added some new features that i wanted like the external trigger function! great little handled DSO for around $60 from places like hobbyking, amazon and ebay!
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I'm satisfied with my Digilent Analog Discovery 2.
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big news....
Sale of CadSoft | Premier Farnell. Wow! Premier Farnell today announces that, together with its wholly owned subsidiary Celdis Limited, it has completed the sale of Cadsoft Computer GmbH (“Ca…
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Maybe more people will use gEDA, now
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Analyzing the typeset from Blade Runner #typography

If you haven’t checked out Typeset In The Future’s site, go now, it’s super fun to read. From their post on Blade Runner:

After studying Alien in intimate detail, it’s time to look at the typography and design of Ridley Scott’s other classic sci-fi movie, Blade Runner. Based on Philip K. Dick’s novel Do Androids Dream of Electric Sheep?, Blade Runner cements Scott’s reputation for beautiful, gritty, tech noir science fiction.

(As with my previous articles, I should note that there are spoilers aplenty throughout the next 5,000 words. If you don’t want to know when Blade Runner’s sole appearance of Eurostile Bold Extended occurs, look away now.)

Blade Runner’s opening crawl is distinctly un-futuristic in its choice of font. It uses Goudy Old Style – designed by Frederic W. Goudy in 1915 – as part of a veritable typographic cornucopia:

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The incident happened at 12.30pm at Heathrow Airport, with around a dozen people having to use the emergency slides to get out of the plane. Smoke could be seen coming from the plane.
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A proper #brexit
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​​Two thousand miles away from the U.S. A-bomb tests in 1945, something weird was happening to Kodak's film.​
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Open Hardware Design Engineer
  • Intel
    Open Hardware Design Engineer, 21045 - present
  • CircuitCo
    Embedded Systems Developer, 2013 - 2015
  • Texas Instruments
    Embedded Linux Developer, 2010 - 2013
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Embedded Linux Developer

I am an embedded systems engineer specializing in the integration of hardware and software at the lowest levels utilizing Open Source tools, bootloaders, and operating systems such as Linux to rapidly produce quality products. Past product developments have included the TCSX-1 thin client for Advantage Business Computer Systems, the M5900 handheld for American Microsystems Ltd., and the PandaBoard for Texas Instruments.

My specialty is complex problem solving to provide rapid solutions to both hardware and software issues. This includes reverse engineering existing legacy projects as well as processing, assimilating and filtering large amounts of datasheets, schematics, software source code, and management specifications.

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