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Loving someone unconditionally is unfair to the person you love because the person you love exists as a human being and all human beings loves to he loved for all of their conditions

The univere is a funny thing, it gives you consciousness, it gives you an ego and it gives you people to love and equally people to lets you choose if you want to be negative or positive in this atomically composed existence 

Even if our life and consciousness is insignificant in the cosmos or even if it is astronomycilly profound. The fact that we are tied to observing our own thoughts, time space, most importantly other beings and the fact that we are capable of changing things with our emotions, that we are so attached to, we should change everything to happiness, compassion and love beyond any science and philosophy ... 

That's my new years resolution 

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Feelin' great.

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my favorite! brains and astronomy! 
Welcome back to StarTalk Radiooooooo! On today's episode, Neil deGrasse Tyson and co-host Eugene Mirman are joined by The Huffington Post's Cara Santa Maria, The Daily Show's Wyatt Cenac and neuroscientist Heather Berlin to discuss how and why the brain works.

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You make me feel grand, yet so insignificant.
I've been around you all my life, but I feel like I barely know you.
Even when I'm not thinking about you, you're always around me.
You've not turned your back on me as long as we've known... and I know you never will.
You're not self-centered, because you have no center. You have no edge either, for that matter. 
Ladies and gentlemen... The universe: Our connected consciousness 

Did You Know...?  

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Did you know that E=mc² is Incomplete? New MinutePhysics video explaining why!

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Neil deGrasse Tyson  ‏@neiltyson
JUST POSTED: Premiere of @StarTalkRadio Live [Video 40min] w/@Astro_Mike John @Hodgman @KristinSchaaled

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