After a rather splendid weekend OFFLINE, I guess it's time to share across over here the thought-provoking video clip of the month (Perhaps of the year!). 

Look Up by Gary Turk is a beautiful allegory of our very own humanity and mundane, finite existence in this world. Our chance to celebrate how technology is helping us all humanise our very own experiences and how, most of the times, we just need to look up to see what we have got in front of us to enjoy it, seize the day, even more so. 

I guess I now have a lovely video clip to share with everyone out there who every now and then ask me why, some times, I go all quiet in the Social Web.

Now, you know why. I am looking up! And you? 

PS. Ohhh, and for those folks who claim that technology is dehumanising us, see this other link, please >

[It's not technology that's doing it. It's us]

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