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Senior Android Developer

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Everyone should have a reminder in life which keep saying, 'you born from nothing, but are something and can become anything'.

It feels like, have fulfilled the whole days with some productivity, after doing some cleaning and washing on weekend.

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I can watch this movie forever.

#ZindagiNaMilegiDobara #HindiMovie

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An imaginary good one.

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A weird animation issue with ViewAnimator and ViewFlipper

Yesterday I was working on a layout with ConstraintLayout as root parent. The layout has a ViewAnimator with 3 ImageViews children and also has in and out animations. The animations while changing children are appeared fine at first.

Then added a TextView below to ViewAnimator. Now animations for first 2-3 ImageViews change are not working. But 4th change onward ImageViews are getting animated.

Then I had to add a GridLayout below to TextView. After that animations for all changes has stopped. None of ImageView is getting animated even when a loop completes.

If I remove TextView and GridLayout, animations works fine. But with them, ImageViews change without any animations.

And also it is happening as the same with ViewFlipper also.

Does anyone happens to know what could be the reason?


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