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Crystal Groves
An HTML/CSS Guru, Musician, and Blogger
An HTML/CSS Guru, Musician, and Blogger

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Was up till 4am working on business while still sick. Husband makes me breakfast in bed this morning. #blessed

We remain silent while our coffers are empty and our freedoms eroded. There will be times when we are powerless to injustice, but there must never be a time when we fail to protest. - Lord Bartok, Last Knights

Going on a spontaneous adventure with +Donald Smith​ (laptop in tow, of course). These usually end up the best ideas,inspirational or life changing. Either way it will he awesome.

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I think when I redo my personal site, I'm going to use this color palette.  Very southwestern looking.

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So.  #Ektron.  We meet again. #webdev

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With two farmer's markets in Gettysburg, what is the difference between them? Which one should you visit? It depends on your needs.

Hi all,

Sarah Camp invited me to this group. I'm a Front-End Developer and Project Manager living in Gettysburg.  I don't know what other information you need/want, but feel free to ask anything.  \m/

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