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Alex Bowers
Software Engineer. Manchester, UK
Software Engineer. Manchester, UK

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If i have several alarms going off (In the morning, I have one at 7:30, 7:45 and 7:50). I also have one at 8.15. The first alarm sounds perfectly fine, but I can not cancel from the home screen. I have to go into the phone, find the individual alarm (the 7.30 one), cancel it and turn it back on for it to not continue ringing.

By that point, I manually disable the other alarms since im awake, so not sure if these are issues as well.

Won't let me upgrade 

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Reducing friction when setting passwords

I get frustrated when I miss one criterion in a list for setting a new password. Here's my simple suggestion to fix that.
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Monte baldo. Beautiful 
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Here's a table of my favorite Android Studio shortcuts (this is a more organized version of what I had posted earlier). The great thing about memorizing shortcuts is not that they are faster than clicking menus, it's that they live in your muscle memory and free your brain to focus on your code. Memorizing them until they are second nature is a good time investment.

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Slow Road to a healthier life 

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Not bad for a phone.


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Bug report:

On the pages where you can see cast list. When you scroll it normally will only show the top image when not scrolled at all then use parallax style scrolling. However scrolling fast up and down will break this.

Nexus 5
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United Android Mockup & Design Tool (Free)

A mockup tool for concepts and mockup designs. It includes tons of different styles from various different Google Apps as well as the new version of Android - 4.4 Kitkat. Every single thing is editable - even the statusbar icons like wifi and network. Elements are either Smart layers or resizable vector shapes.

I hope this “tool” is useful for you, it certainly is to me when I’m planning and designing applications. Also, this is not supposed to have all holo designs and styles in it, there’s already a psd tool for that, I’m just making and collecting styles google uses in their applications and some visual changes made in android 4.4 kitkat

Everything is made pixel perfect and in correct sizes based on screenshots. Everything is also in nexus 5 size (1080 x 1920). 

Download - (Updated version 1.1)

+Oscar Mark, May I ask what tools you use when you are designing Android apps (like the TV Portal).

Is that all done in photoshop, and if so what do you use to get the style of the elements such as action bar etc.

Thank you.

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