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George Torok
Helping business leaders deliver million dollar presentations
Helping business leaders deliver million dollar presentations

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Modern Presentation Design?
I was challenged to write about modern presentation design . The challenge was intended to focus on slide design. I choose to relate that to the overall presentation purpose and delivery. PowerPoint MVP, Ellen Finkelstein orchestrated this challenge to a gr...

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Show More Courtesy for the Audience
Imagine that you’re attending a conference, arrived in the room early, sitting in your chair, waiting for the presentation to begin. How would you feel while watching the pre-presentation slide show and one of the slides read… That’s like a restaurant posti...

Speaking in front of an audience can be nerve racking. But with the right preparation techniques, you can alleviate your stress and deliver a great speech. Here’s how:

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Will The Presentation Start and Finish on Time?
How important is that? The answer probably depends on whether you are the presenter or a member of the audience. What are the consequences of being late? How do you feel when the presenter fails to start on time? You planned or rushed to arrive on time. Per...

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Jim Estill, CEO of Danby Appliances - video
George Torok Host of Business in Motion Business Speaker Listen to Business in Motion audio PodCasts On iTunes Business in Motion on Facebook

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Was that a good excuse?
He arrived late for the workshop. We
were into our first exercise. As the instructor, I was asking each person for
their answer to the initial question about their expectations. When it was his
turn, he replied, “I missed the beginning. I don’t know what yo...

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Will You be Brutally Honest in Your Job Ad?
George Torok Keynote Marketing Speaker Co-author of Secrets of Power Marketing Get your free copy of " 50 Power Marketing Ideas " Power Marketing on FaceBook Marketing Zoo on Twitter

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Don't use the word "very". Instead, here are 128 alternatives.
Presentation Tips on Twitter Presentation Skills Club on Facebook Executive Speech Coach , Business presentation tips from George Torok , the Speech Coach for Executives

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What Did Meg Whitman Really Mean?
As CEO of your company, your words are important. The messages that you deliver in public are evaluated by your investors, staff, suppliers, customers, competitors, marketplace and media. People will judge you and your company by your words. They might misj...

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The Greatest Speech I Never Delivered
The Challenge I was a shy student but I wanted to be popular – especially with the girls. I believed that if I became president of the high school student council I would become popular. It was apparent to me that the way to be president of the high school ...
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