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Emergency Mobile Locksmith Services - We Come to You!

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What is a Key-Less Entry System? | MI Locksmith Services

Did you know that the first lock was made in 1861 and it hasn’t really changed since? Think about that; we’re using the exact same technology from over 100 years ago, and relying on it for our complete, 100% safety. Locks are important. Locks are the difference between in or out, safe or unsafe, protected or exposed. Whether it’s your car, your home, or your office, you want your space to be secure. The latest technology in locks and security is a key-less entry system.

What is a key-less entry system?

Key-less entry systems are the new Fort Knox and do not require an actual key. Ranging in styles from pin pad to key cards, electromagnetic fobs, and even fingerprint, key-less entry systems can transform your space into the safest its ever been. Several modern dormitories and hotels are using key-less entry systems to update their security, so you know it’s legitimate. If you’re unfamiliar with key-less entry systems, but want to upgrade the safety of your home, continue reading to unlock all the facts and know-how.

Advantages of a key-less entry system

It’s convenient– Gone are the days of rummaging through purses and pockets to find your keys. Whether your hands are full or you’re just in a hurry, a key-less entry means you always have the key, every time. And whether you use a code, fingerprint, or key fob; these systems typically have a backup method in case the powers ever goes out.

It’s more reliable– With a key-less entry system, you don’t have to worry about being locked out of the house ever again. If you forget your keys, simply enter the code and voila! No more waiting for a locksmith or spare key to arrive. Fingerprint also makes it even easier to not get locked out, ensuring that every family member can come and go with ease.

It’s safer– We’ve all done it before. Left the keys under the mat, even when we know what a huge threat to safety it creates for our homes and our families. With a key-less entry system, there’s no keys to be left, so you never have to worry about one being stolen. If you need a professional to enter your home while your gone, simply give them the code, and reset it once the service has been completed.

It has more options– Several key-less entry systems come with cameras/ video, so you can see exactly who’s at the door. Other systems offer alerts through text or email whenever a door is opened or closed. Finally, a security system as smart as our phones.

Disadvantages of a key-less entry system

Timing is everything– When you give out your code, say to the plumber or cable guy, you’re jeopardizing your security. This means that you have to be diligent and NOT forget to reset the code after the service is completed. In addition, you must be diligent about updating and changing the code regularly. If you use the same code continuously, obvious fade marks will appear on the pin pad.

Not-so key-less– It May not be a key, but some accessories are included, and required. Often key-less entry systems come at least with a remote so that you can enter your home through the garage, for example. This means that there is the risk of something getting lost and losing the remote is just as unsafe as losing a key.

All in the money– New technology doesn’t come cheap. It may be a dream come true to update your home security, but it will remain a dream if it’s too expensive. Typically installing a new, key-less entry system can take a few hundred dollars, and the larger the home, the more expensive, but worth it.

Things to consider before installing a key-less entry system

Now don’t go jumping in line to purchase a key-less entry system just yet; it is important to weigh all of the possibilities. Keep in mind that before installing a key less entry system, you must ensure that the technology it suitable for the rest of you home. If you’re a property manager, make sure that the software is compatible with whatever software you currently use.

You also want to consider what your must-haves are. Do you want a live video feature? Alert capabilities? Before you shop around, have specific things you want already in mind. Finally, before installing a key-less entry system, make sure it will still function even during a power outage. Seeking advice from a professional locksmith can help.

The perfect locksmith

If you’re using one of these key-less entry systems in your car, keep in mind that you may still get locked out. That’s why there’s Action Locksmith Inc. Action Locksmith is mobile and provides emergency lock service 24 hours a day 7 days a week. Our knowledge and experience is extensive and professional. Fortunately for as many amazing features as key-less entries offer, getting rid of locksmith services is not one of them. So, are you ready to unlock better security for your family? Contact us today to learn more!
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Why Aren’t My Locks Working? | MI Locksmith Services

Without thinking about it, we expect our door locks to open. Until the day the lock seizes up, or breaks, and won’t open, we don’t think about it not working. During your busy day, the last thing you want is a broken door lock. Don’t panic, there are some DIY (do-it-yourself) fixes that you can do to remedy the situation.

What causes a lock to seize up or break?

There are several reasons why a lock can malfunction and there are also some quick remedies. First reason, the lock has seized up. You can remedy the situation by checking to see if you can turn the key. Some locks jam due to dirt and grime caught in the lock’s mechanism. Clean the lock by inserting a small amount of graphite powder into the keyhole and move it around with the door key. Or, put the graphite powder on the key. Then, insert the key into the lock. Use a graphite or silicone spray product to lubricate the lock. Don’t use other types of oil. Spray the lock using the directional nozzle. After you let the spray sit for a few minutes, try inserting the key into the lock to move the lubricant around inside the lock.

A second reason for a frozen lock could be due to door weather stripping which misaligns the lock. A misaligned lock could cause the lock to seize up. If this happens, try to remove the weather stripping and place it farther back on the door frame. Moving the weather stripping back allows for less pressure on the door lock and it is easier than moving the door lock.

The third reason for a seized door lock is freezing cold weather. Locks do freeze up when the temperature drops below freezing which is 32 degrees. To thaw out a lock, you can try inserting a heated key. Try warming the key by placing it on top of a radiator or in a bowl of hot water and dry off the key before slowly inserting the key into the frozen door lock. Or, try using a product specifically made to thaw out a frozen door lock. During the cold winter months, it is a good idea to keep handy products that will thaw frozen car locks and frozen door locks. If you cannot fix a broken or frozen lock using DIY methods, consider calling a reputable locksmith to fix the broken lock.

The fourth reason is a door latch that won’t shut which could be caused by misalignment of the deadbolt with the strike plate. If it is a minor misalignment, try filing down the strike plate to see if the bolt will fit the latch. Or, try repositioning the strike plate. Some fixes are better left to a certified locksmith.

Another reason for a broken lock is due to the locking mechanism. If the key won’t turn the lock to open, check for worn parts. Remove the lock and examine it. It might be faster to replace the door lock. If you can’t do it, call upon a certified locksmith.

If your locks are seizing up or malfunctioning often and a “quick fix” isn’t working, a professional locksmith service can help. Action Locksmith Inc. has been helping people throughout Michigan with everything from keyless entry systems and door repair and installation to emergency lockout service and home security evaluation. Contact us at 248-672-0462 to learn more!
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What are Locksmith Services and When Do I Need One?

The key to using a locksmith service is knowing what services they offer. Most people don’t know that there are actually different types of locksmiths; Some locksmiths offer a specific service while others offer several.

What services do locksmiths provide and when do I need to call one?
The three main types of locksmith services are automotive, residential, and commercial. It is important to know what kinds of services a locksmith offers so that you know if you need to call one to get the job done and get the most for what you pay. If you contact any kind of locksmith, they may act like they know what to do, but could just be trying to make fast cash. So know the facts about locksmith services and let a locksmith unlock all your problems today.

Automotive -Automotive locksmith services are fast, more available, and have specializes services/ training. Have you ever been locked out of your car? There’s one reason to use an automotive locksmith. Locksmiths are trained to respond quickly in emergency situations and go wherever you are. They might create a new set of keys, retrieve your original keys, or change the lock within minutes. Have you ever been locked out at the most inconvenient time? A locksmith is there. The best locksmith services are available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. So, regardless of when you get locked out, don’t panic. A locksmith will be there.

Do you want a reliable, knowledgeable person helping you out of the stickiest situations? Call a locksmith. Locksmiths go through extensive, rigorous training, often times to become specialized, such as in forensic locksmith services. Forensic locksmiths can determine if a lock has been tampered with. Thy also know how any type of lock works and are prepared to fix it.

Residential – The reasons for using a residential locksmith are far more extensive than using an automotive one. If your key has been damaged, lock is broken, you want a single access key, or you’re moving into a new home; you need to call a residential locksmith. Even the toughest metal wears down over time, so a broken key or damaged lock is no surprise. For both of these situations, options include rekeying the lock, cutting a new key, or replacing the lock as needed. Do you want a single access key? The more keys you have, the more likely you are to lose them. So solve that problem with a key that works for all the locks in your home. A locksmith has the answer. Whenever you’re moving into a new apartment or home, a locksmith will be involved. Apartment or new home, it’s all the same. You never know who may have the key to a lock in your new or newly rented home. Ensure you’re safety by replacing locks/ keys with the help of a locksmith. Who knew a locksmith could be security guard?

Commercial – Commercial locksmiths can offer most of the services listed above, but for commercial properties and businesses. A commercial locksmith can help with safes and vaults, Panic bars, automatic doors, and filing cabinets. We’re all bound to get locked out once or twice. Feel better when you dial a locksmith, knowing you’ll get the one with the right key.

Action Locksmith Inc serves the Michigan Tri-County area and beyond. We are a mobile locksmith service that does it all and are available 24 hours a day 7 days a week. If you have an emergency, we’ll be there. Our locksmiths are professional and trained in residential, automotive, and commercial locksmith services. We can also help you with your home or business safe. From simple re-keying services, to door installation and access control and camera systems, Action Locksmith does it all. Our vast experience and knowledge have made us a trusted and respected Michigan business. Call us to learn more about how we can help!
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