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Metalsmithing mom of two
Metalsmithing mom of two

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Finally. :) 

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My first sweet 16 ingress gathering. Congrats Alba! 

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On Sept 20th members of both factions of ATL got together to remember Joe Philley. We aimed to have our artwork up around the time the memorial service started, so we gathered a few hours before for brunch, went to a nearby park afterwards for key exchanges, and then everyone dispersed to their assignments. Some had spent the previous few days hacking the keys that were needed, not caring whether the key was needed by their own faction, or by someone in the opposite faction. This was teamwork. Our hangout was easygoing, fun, and had no drama; something Joe would have loved to have been a part of. 

Our field went up without a hitch. One stray blocker was thrown while we were building, but the agent was asked to join us in the op, and they immediately took the blocker down and stood down the rest of the day. Another unknowing agent fielded off of the art, but when she was told of the plan, she stood down without a complaint. The list of agents below is only a handful of the ones that made this possible, because it cannot encompass all of those who stood down for almost 20 hours and allowed this memorial art to stand over their homes and their normal playing area. We didn't even ask for that, we only asked that it stand until the memorial service was over. The fact that it continued to stand in such a highly populated area is a testament to how much Joe was respected and adored by both sides. We will miss him dearly.

#ripjoephilley   #FreetheSkies  
Thank you to the agents that came out to help make this happen.

+Haralambos Mavromatidis (Thank you for the .gif)
+Janese Parker 
+Dano L 
+Keith Swaggystyle 
+Bonnie Bettini 
+John Stocks 
+Kathryn D'Andrea 
+Rodel Flores 
+Janel Adair 
+snot slayer 
+James DarkKn1ght 
+Anya Cardoso 
+Chris Kaufmann 
+GPBurdell ENL 
+Heather-Leigh Nies 
+Jason Acker 
+Jenny B 
+Katherine M. 
+Sasha Ruiz 
+Sciencetor Doce 
+Andrew Holko   
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