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Nicki Morgan
Wife, mother, crafter, singer, blogger and teacher.
Wife, mother, crafter, singer, blogger and teacher.

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Joy for Mourning
  I just finished reading the book Looking for Lovely by Annie Downs. It was an incredible read that I would highly recommend to any young woman.  There were many moments throughout the book that spoke to me.  You know those moments that are so meaningful y...

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Summer Lovin'
Ahh Summer.  The time of year every teacher relishes.  I am no different.  Flash back to the end of this last school year and I was a complete zombie;  no energy, no desire to do anything but plop myself on the couch with a big-o-glass of wine. I was runnin...

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Kellan's Choo-Choo Two Party
Last month our precious baby boy turned TWO!!   Sweet Kellan,   When I think about the past two years with you the only word that comes to mind is blessed.  God has something wonderful in store for your future;  He must, because prayer after prayer has been...

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The Waves of Change
Busy is blessed.  It's something I continue to tell myself as I walk through this new chapter in my life.  Josh and I will plop ourselves down on the couch after an epic bed time battle with Callie, and with utter defeat in our voices say, "What on earth di...

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Not "Just Another Wrap Girl"
I took a deep breath, prayed and then pressed enter... My very first It Works post was official.  As I introduced my decision to join a Network Marketing company to the Facebook world, a million thoughts were buzzing through my head.  Will I lose friends?  ...

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Know, Follow, Share in 2016
This is one of my favorite times of the year.  We've just finished celebrating the birth of our Savior, Jesus Christ and all around us people are in good spirits.  Everyone is in a giving mood, willing to help others and live life with a servant's heart. We...

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Callie's 3rd Birthday
Yes, I know it's nearly September and Callie's birthday was in May.... But can I get a cyber high-five for actually getting around to it? Hahaha.   This year she wanted to do the bouncy house again, and of course - everything had to be PINK.  This girl is a...

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The Ever Faster Life - Summer Recap
Growing up I was always eager to be older.  When I'm this age I can do this, when I'm that age I'll be able to do this...  You know how it goes.  Now that I am a mommy I just want time to slow down a little bit.  As Summer came around this year I was so exc...

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A Leap of Faith
Having two children is, without a doubt, a HUGE blessing from the Lord.  I absolutely adore Callie and Kellan and wouldn't trade being their mommy for the world.  There have been some set backs, however, since having them... My body just isn't what it used ...

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Matthew 21:22
When we first received Kellan's diagnosis my heart stopped.  After 3 failed hearing tests the audiologist sat me down and explained to me that he had substantial unilateral hearing loss; or hearing loss in only one ear.  My mind was on fast forward to poten...
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