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Hello Everyone.

When I updated my N5 to Marshmallow I was pleased by the 10-20% gained in autonomy.
One week later I encountered the wifi bug, rebooted my phone and from then it was mostly less efficient than Lolipop.

In the battery usage, in average Chrome is using more than 30% of my battery and around 10% more than my screen!
Screen has always been the biggest user since the beginning, so there is something fishy.

I removed Chrome Beta, cleared cache etc hoping for a good change but nope, chrome still draining my autonomy.

Anyone around is also having this problem?

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A good reminder to not use Ram Boosters /Task Killers
Especially if your phone runs Android 4+ and more


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Un râtelier à flingue?
Non! A pinard!

#diy   #recyclage   #palette  

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Before the storm.

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Un Tumblr rassemblant les plus belles applications Android.

#androidapps   #bestof   #appdesign  

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Ok, not Android-related.  Break.  Super freezing soda!


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Des affiches #vintage   gratuites en haute-résolution à imprimer.


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Pour mettre à jour #googlecalendar  et l'application #googlemusic  .

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Medley #8bit  of #RAM  

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#RIP  Moustaki. 
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