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Shenzhen Embedded Technology Co.,Ltd-Thin Client Mini PC
Factory supply thin client mini pc desktop computer
Factory supply thin client mini pc desktop computer

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Ultra-stable industrial pc computer #computer   #embeddedprojects  

Generally speaking,IPC is the popular computer which specifically designed for the industrial field,and industrial site in general has a strong vibration,particularly dustty,otherwise a high elecromagnetic force interence characteristics,and peneral plant operations are continuous working in all years.

Industrial PC environment to be bad , some good brand can really run in the same environment , and perhaps also stable, but can not guarantee stable operation for a long time , a lot of IPC is working in no man's land , is not allowed to have any errors , stable performance . IPC electronic components selected materials different from ordinary business computers would also cost difference.

Therefore ,industrial pc requires a certain low power consumption , high heat capacity , high stability.Shenzhen have many cheap and stable industrial PC,Such as shenzhen embedded technology co.,ltd,which professional manufacture&supplier thin client mini pc,aim 
to saving most cost for most introduce one type cheap and stable industrial pc computer as follow:

The Newest Celeron Mini desktop PC Computer X3900 With Dual Ethernet,Internal GSM modem,COM(RS232)

-1.CPU:Intel/Celeron1037U dual core 1.8GHz processor
-2.Memory:Two channel DDR3 800/1066/1333
-3.Storage:mSATA/SATA 2.5inch SSD and 2.5inch HDD
-4.Unique Ports:2xLan,3G GSM modem slot,COM(RS232),2 half mini pcie slots
-5.Support OS:Windows XP/Windows 7/Windows8/Linux ubuntu
-6.Platform:NVIDIA ION 2 graphic processor
-7.Support Powered automatic start and diskless booting
-8.3D API support DirectX 11,Bracket Mounted on Wall/Moniter
-10.Size:mini aluminium chassis 200x200x40mm
-11.Support Virtual Machine VMWARE ESXI 5.1 With both Network Cards
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Win CE Thin Client N380 Embedded ARM Mainboard Windows CE 6.0 Thin  Client OS,Shenzhen OEM Zero Client RDP PC Thin Client

1.Extra add two pcs serial Port
 2.Integrated the Citrix Receiver
 3.Change Registar code,and let it auto run about your application
 4.Touch screen,scanning gun supported
 5.Windows Embedded CE OS for project is more safety and steady
 6.OEM Thin Client OS for your application
 7.Stand-alone run win ce thin client
 8.Max Resolution 720×480,full screen Media Player locally
 9.Environment:C# .net 2.0/3.5 frame,C++
 10.Support Serial port Printer /1-9’LCD Moniter with LVDS Port
 11.Host pc operating system:Windows XP, windows server 2003, Windows 7,Windows Server 2008,Linux ubuntu
 12.User Software:Server desktop Virtualization software with RDP 6.0/Citrix

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Linux Thin Client FL300 PC Station Network Terminal Computer Share  Embedded ARM Motherboard,Dual Core 1GHz, RDP 7.1 Support office software,MIC,SPK,Chat software,HD1080P video,dual display

■ARM A9 1 GHz Dual Core
 ■RDP 7.1 High Performance
 ■Full 32 Bit Color Support
 ■External USB HDD Lock
 ■High Security and Reliability
 ■Autoconnect at Startup
 ■Latest Linux 3.0 Embed
 ■Best Price:Performance Ratio
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Linux Thin Client FL200 Network Terminal Mini PC Station Embedded ARM Motherboard,CPU Dual-Core 1.0 GHz Shenzhen Zero Client

1.Thin client OS Linux 2.6,ARM Board,RAM 512MB,FLASH 512MB,CPU Dual-Core 1.0GHZ
 2.With Fast Speed in MS office,Browsing Webpage like mini pc
 3.Cconnect thin client server with RDP 7.1 Protocol
 4.32 Bit Color depth(WIN7/2008)
 5.Thin client server Support WIN 7/XP/2008/Vista/2000/2003/LINUX
 6.Thin client device with Multi-language selection (System user interface)
 7.Very easy installation and usage Thin Client Model
 8.Zero Client Energy consumption 5W
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 Cheap Thin Client Mini PC Station FL100 Embedded Linux,ARM,
HDMI,VGA,USB,LAN,WIFI,PS2,MIC,SPK,Support Windows 7/Linux Server

-Dual HDMI + VGA Display
 -4 x USB, 2 x PS2, 1 x COM
 -A10 1 Ghz Processor
 -256 MB DDR3 RAM
 -512 MB Flash
 -Play Videos Well even under RDP (Windowed Screen)
 -Audio OUT and Mic Support (RDP 7.1) 
-RDP7.0 remote connection
-Overview HD big picture
-High-speed WIFI module (optional)
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X3700 Mini PC intel Celeron Windows Thin Client Cheap HTPC Home Computer With Intel Celeron 1037U Dual Core Ultra Thin PC Client HDMI 1080P Openelec XBMC

- CPU:Intel Celeron 1037U dual core 1.8GHZ
- Video:Support DX10.1/ HDCP
- Support calls on function automatically
- 29mm Ultra Thin Brushed Aluminum Alloy Case
- Support HDMI 1080P
- Can install both HDD&SSD
-Operation system:Windows XP/ WIN 7/WIN8/Ubuntu Linux
-Appearance:Aluminium Chassis
For More detail infomation,Visit

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Most Cheap Mini PC Desktop Computer X2400 Thin Client Mini PC Windows XP.
1) CPU - AMD processor, ; 
2) capable to run WinXP.Unbuntu Linux,Win XP; 
3) RAM - 1GB; 
4) HDD &ssd; 
5) Display Port - VGA&HDMI; 
6) USB outputs - 3xUSB2.0; 
7) LAN - 1 RJ45); 
8) COM (RS232) -1xCOM; 
9) Internal GSM modem 
10)2xPCIe Slot
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