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Today we enjoyed a wonderful day in Dordrecht at #IngressMissionDay! The day startet and ended with a rainbow 😁 and in between we got to see a beautiful city and met nice poeple (as always)
Here some Portal pics and other impressions for all who could not be there.
(The rainbow on the last pic was a lot clearer to see in real 😉)
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Die Medaille wurde endlich gepusht!

The medal finally has been pushed! Thank you all for the wonderful day! 😊

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Die A46 Tunnel in Wersten werden am 9.9. ab 16:00 Uhr bis 23:00 am Sonntag wegen Wartungsarbeiten gesperrt! Eine Umleitung ist ausgeschildert.
(Das betrifft den südlichen Teil von Düsseldorf)

The tunnels of the A46 are closed for maintainance on saturday 9/9/17 from 4:00pm onwards till 11 pm the next day. Alternative routes are marked.
(This will efect the southern part of Duesseldorf)

For people who want to visit us by car, we highly recommend parking at a "Park and Ride" outside the city and use public transportation to get to the center.

Please be aware, that you need a green "Umweltplakette" (environmental badge) to enter the city by car ( You can buy them online, for example:

For those who don't have one, better use a P&R outside the "Environmental Zone" (marked pink on the map)

Please also be aware, that the P&R's ouside the "black line" will require buying a Ticket "B" since they are outside of Duesseldorf! (Hilden, Neuss,...)
The trains, trams and busses taking you to the center are written on the map.

For those who want to explore the city by bike, we strongly recommend either being very early or not to plan doing the "Altstadt missions".

You have several possibilities to rent a bike:
Radstation (at the backside of the main station - exit "Berta von Suttner Platz") sat: 10-20h

Callabike (Deutsche Bahn)


PLEASE keep in mind, that the inner city will be very crowded, especially if the weather is nice!

PLEASE bring your mobile phone holding device, since using your phone while cycling will cost a fine of 25,-€!
We want everybody to enjoy a wonderful day, without getting anyone hurt, no matter if involved in the MD or just a pedestrian. So please be aware of your surroundings all the time 😉😊

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Bitte nicht vergessen: Shirts, Hoodies und Dogtags vom MD Düsseldorf gibt es nur noch bis Mittwoch zu bestellen! 😊

Dear Agents,
regarding accomodation during the Mission Day weekend, we can recommend the following hostels:

City-Hostel ,
Duesseldorfer Str.1, 40545 Düsseldorf
( )

Fri- Sat: 124 beds available (4 beds/ room) for 26,€/ 28,-€ (above 27 years) bedding & breakfast included (I don't know why this is crossed out. Don't mind!)

Sat Sun: 48 beds (4 beds/room) for 26,-€/ 28,-€
18 beds (9 x 2) for 40,-€ / 42,-€p.P.

Backpackers Duesseldorf,
Fürstenwall 180, 40215 Düsseldorf
( )

Fri-Sat-Sun: 30 beds – (5 x 6 beds/room) for 23,-€ p.P./per night, breakfast included (+ once 3,-€ for bedding)

A&O Hostel (Main Station),
Corneliusstraße 9, 40215 Düsseldorf
( )

Fr-Sat-Sun: 32 beds( 8x 4 beds/room) for 42,-€ p.P./p.n.
breakfast and bedding included
20 beds (10 x2 beds/room) for 45€ p.P./p.n.
breakfast and bedding included

All the information above represents the status of monday (7/24/2017).

For Hotel accommodation, please visit the broadly known sites, for example: and many others.

For private accommodation you may also try

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# LuminescentHeart #MagnusReawakens

Was a really nice Mission, accomplished with a group of 12+ Enl Agents 😊 Perfect weather and nice people... Awsome!😎

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Very nice day in Mannheim! Thanks to the orga team!! But it was weired, that many agents had something like a speedlock for quite a long time... But anyways, nice weather, beautiful city and well planed missions! We enjoyed it a lot! 
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