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I'll help you build an email list and monetize it.
I'll help you build an email list and monetize it.


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Latest purchase I'm enjoying for vlogging. GoPro Hero 5. #vlogging #gopro #vlog

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I started intermittent fasting. Here's my week one update.

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This is EXACTLY how I earned my first dollars online, and the steps you can take right now to do the same.

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Does this sound familiar?…

You go to make a new podcast episode, or you sit down to write a blog post, and you think to yourself:

“Who am I to be talking about this?”

There’s a term that’s often used in the internet marketing space called “the imposter syndrome.”

Many disagree with it, yet at the same time, many claim to suffer from it.

It’s crippling.

It’ll keep all forward progress from happening.

And, it’ll leave you in the same place you were yesterday.

(and that’s bad news)

For me, the imposter syndrome has been no fallacy. There are times where it keeps me from doing what needs to be done, and doing what I do best.

The good part of all this?

It’s curable.

You can overcome the imposter syndrome, but it takes a healthy does of this one little thing:


In this week’s episode of The Montoya Experiment (yes, ladies and gents, I’m back) you’ll hear how I’ve gotten past this hump.

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Jeremy Montoya

P.S. - Here are a few other things you’ll hear in this episode:

- The biggest business lesson I’ve learned in 2015 (and what it means if you’re creating content online)

- The “content trap” and how to avoid it

- Is content (podcasts, blogs, videos, etc.) worthless? (hint: It is unless you have this specific type of business)

- What happens when you don’t “right hook” or have anything to offer your audience

- The major mental change that’s caused me to slow most of my content creation down to a minimum

- What to do if you want to be like one of your heroes (online or in “real life”) – even if you have to pay

- What most podcasters end up doing when they don’t know what to do (and what you should focus on if that’s you)

- Don’t know what to say to your audience? Start doing this.

- Why it doesn’t matter if you’re an expert or not (and how to overcome this mindset)

- Why you should share what you’re experiencing in your business (and be as transparent as possible)

- The OTHER kind of email list you NEED to build if you’re just getting started or want to make money online (or want to work with high-profile entrepreneurs and companies)

- Why I’m glad I had to learn the hard way about how to make money and grow a business online

- Who I decided to target online, and how I identified what he needed help with (before I even reached out)

- The lessons I learned about ‘pitching’ (and how I outline why I’m the best person to solve your problem)

- How I doubled my efforts (and exploded my email list) by sharing my client experiences with celebrity entrepreneurs

- Imposter Syndrome. Full of sh*t? Or completely true?

- How to become an authority (especially if you’re just getting started online or in business)

- What happened when I realized content wasn’t going to cut it with my first podcast (and what we had to do to dig ourselves out)

- Why I got into creating content online (and why that’s NOT the right place to start)

- What to do when you’re want to make money online (and how to get a kickstart building your authority with your future audience)

- What to do when your products, coaching, and services aren’t ‘sticking’ with your audience

#internetmarketing   #podcasting  

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How to get passive podcast listeners to become engaged email list subscribers with +Lewis Howes 

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