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Ryan Patrick Walsh
Filmmaker, Director, Gamer, Avid philosophy fan
Filmmaker, Director, Gamer, Avid philosophy fan

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Playing a game of the old D&D 3.5

Hope you're rocking it in heaven Aunt Linda!

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Load in day for Liam Small's First Time Film, going to have a blast 1st AD'ing that tomorrow. Sunday's modeling shoot is set to go swimmingly. Headed to Edmonton from April 1st to 8th then back for another model shoot, then directing my second short film. After that I'll be playing a small detective role in another short film by Mike Simms. So glad the season has picked up, was getting very bored, still want more...

So, anyone need an Actor/Director/Model/AD willing to take on the world?

Waiting on a PA to show up and tell me where I am supposed to be. Love being talent.

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Get your advance tickets through indiegogo!

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Le sigh. We did this to ourselves. 

My hair is such a mess. Need a haircut, just don't have any inspiration as to what style...

Running my players through solo Werewolf sessions covering their first change to rite of passage is really paying off. I think everyone will really have a sense of their Auspices, the World, and the lovely details that the people at White Wolf put in their wonderful game. So far the only bummer is that I don't have a Ragabash yet. The party needs someone who can relieve tensions and think outside the box. One think I have noticed, all my players match their auspices perfectly. Maybe I'll do a werewolf blog to keep a tab on progress.

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Yeah, not a fan of organized religion. Especially the western kinds.

Is it fair to teach children to be 'good'? I mean, with so much importance placed on wealth, winning, getting ahead... Is it right anymore to teach your child the virtues of sharing, caring and generally being a good human being? With so many so greedy in the world, willing to step on another to get a leg up, are we giving our children the right tools to succeed in this world? 
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