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Shiny new SIII!

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Cool! But other than the use of the term "quantum" I'm not sure I see much difference between this and other PaaS/IaaS setups:

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Replacing GCSE IT with Computer Science, I'm not sure I agree. I think it'd be great to have this in schools, but alongside existing GCSEs. Most people aren't interested in it and don't need it, they do need training in MS Office & Multiple OS productivity. Furthermore, some of the underlying concepts are hard enough for undergrads let alone 16-year olds. Last thing you want is to force this onto teens and actually encourage apathy or outright resentment towards software development. Teaching coding best practise might be easy-ish, do this, don't do that. But a great coder understands and wants to understand the whys; that is not easy to achieve. Keen to hear your take guys.

Happy New Year!

So the presents have been opened, the tree's lit up, the turkey's in the oven, the table's extended. Only one more major task before lunch. Let's see if the pub's open for a swift pint, I mean the dog needs a walk anyway...

Merry Christmas!
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