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On March
I don't feel like saying much and so I thought I'd share photos instead! :) Cheers! I like sniffing these and then sneezing my heart off. March casualties.. Little sister love <3 Happiest day in March :) Aleph is back! 

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Corporate Philanthropy vs. Corporate Social Responsibility
Alright, so here's the deal: an Omani newspaper published a controversial article today accusing big corporations and companies in Oman of “misusing”
their CSR initiatives for publicity and commercial purposes. So I thought I would try and put things in per...

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[Press Release] Boo at The Zoo
Boo at The Zoo Press
Release For Immediate Release Columbia, SC (October
1, 2014) – Boo at The Zoo weeklong celebrations are back to Riverbanks Zoo
and Garden this year. Boo at The Zoo will have many fun activities and surprises
for kids and families starti...

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[Press Release] Alumni Event
Alumni Reception in Oman Press Release Columbia, SC - USC International
Student Services office is pleased to announce the upcoming alumni reception in
Oman. The reception will be hosted by the University of South Carolina Alumni
Club in Oman launched in Ap...

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New post is up! Int'l Graduation Cermony - International Sashes

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First post on my professional portfolio blog!

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What does it take to be nice?
I'm going through a situation where someone decided to be mean with me (actually with a couple other people I know, too). So here's the $1k question: what does it really take to be a nice person? Is it really that difficult? Is it easier, or lets say, is it...

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Things I appreciate - Part III
It isn't difficult thinking of things we appreciate or should appreciate more. Yet, I struggled in prioritizing them and talking around them, and hence this post came LONG overdue. I was going to write something else but then I paused, deleted a sentence or...

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Things I appreciate - Part II
One of the things I really appreciate in my life - and I've been appreciating since 2008 when I started this blog is blogs or blogging. I'm pretty sure that most of you reading this will find this applicable to you, too. I love the whole blogging concept fo...
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