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Andrew Watton-Davies
Part man, part myth. May contain peanut
Part man, part myth. May contain peanut

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2016 May Brawl - The Portland - 11/06/2016
Cambridge University has a grand tradition for traditions, and one of them is the Rock Soc's annual live show, being held at the same time as the colleges May Balls (which are mostly run in June, because Cambridge University does that kind of thing a lot). ...

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Collective Punishment
In a move to bring back the excitement to Eurovision, in a similar way that exploding nipple-clamps brings back excitement to a doomed marriage, the powers that be have decided that the 2016 dross-a-thon will have a public vote. Oh yes, I can hear the joy o...

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War On The Dancefloor - 22.01.16
Frighteningly accurate enactment My first DJing of the 2016 and it's the stompy grounds of War On The Dancefloor at The Q Club . Laying down the sets before me were were Darren (who needs to be more confident and move himself up the listing) and Chris, and ...

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The lulz have arrived
Remains of a settlement of Bronze Age houses uncovered by archaeologists in Cambridgeshire, have been listed by an estate agent with an opening price of £500,000.

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Turntables at CES
To go with the recent news that  "Vinyl Is Saving Music!"  (it isn't, it's 7% of the market that happens to be a more expensive product so makes up a lot of sales value), Sony and Panasonic  have turned up to the Consumer Electronics Show ("This is what you...

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The Sonics: Psycho-Sonic and This Is The Sonics
The Sonics are one of those bands that never made it as big at the time as we now think they should have, because what they did didn't really make that much sense to a lot of people until many years later. For the brothers Andy and Larry Parypa in 1964 Taco...

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Things Lemmy Did Other Than Motorhead
If you are anything like me then the the chances are that today, and quite possibly tomorrow and a good number of days after that, your reaction to the passing of Lemmy is going to be playing a lot of Motorhead cranked up good and high. And after the 15 hou...

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Duran Duran @ The NEC Genting Arena - 04/12/2015
The Genting Arena is best described as a cross between an airport departure lounge, what premier league football stadiums dream they are and an exercise in seeing how much you can overcharge for every kind of food and drink under the sun. It's also got love...

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Industrial Music: Caustic
If you were after delicately nuanced or subtly composed music then the tenth album from Matt Fanale / Caustic is not for you. This album is a steady, dependable, punch in the face; a throw back to the dawn times of industrial music that has gone "Yeah, EBM ...

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The Music Leaves Stains: The Complete Story Of The Misfits by James Green JR.
I've been thinking about doing an article about the influence that horror, sci-fi, and similar B-Movie schlock has had on punk rock - and to a greater extent, rock music as a whole. However James Greene Jr.manages to do such a good job of it in pages 3 to 7...
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