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I'm just kickin' it old school, like an old fool.
I'm just kickin' it old school, like an old fool.

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This item may be used by anyone.

Though not a cursed potion, per se, the effects of this garlicky elixir may be a curse or boon, depending on how one looks at it. When imbibed, this potion causes extreme flatulence for 1d6+1 turns. Each round, the drinker may break wind at will (as a combat action, requires complete concentration, no movement may be taken during this at will action). While performing strenuous action (e.g. running, fighting, etc.) the chance of breaking wind is 4-in-6 per round; while performing non-strenuous action (e.g., General exploration, movement, etc.), there is a 5-in-6 chance per turn. All creatures with a sense of smell within a 30' radius of the broken wind must save vs. breath or fall unconscious for 1 turn; all from 31' to 120' will smell it but be otherwise unaffected. The expulsion will always make a sound.

Axe of Bloodthirst

This item may be used by anyone permitted use of an axe.

This +1 battle axe appears very crudely constructed, and bears crudely drawn runes--appearing as if of barbarian origin. On a successful "to hit" roll, in addition to its normal damage, it draws blood from the victim and magically "drinks it in," doing an additional 1d6 hp of damage. If the axe is not able to "drink" at least 20 hp of blood each day, it loses its magical properties (including its basic +1 bonus) until a natural to "hit roll" of 20 occurs while using the axe.

Necklace of Apathy (cursed item)

This item may affect any character.

This exquisitely crafted gold medallion strung from a gold chain appears to the casual observer as the type of item that might be awarded to a hero who has triumphed in some sort of contest. It is, however, a cursed item that, when worn, causes severe apathy. Any time the character wearing it is faced with a choice to do something (e.g., enter a dungeon, choose a course of action, engage in combat, etc.), The character must make a save vs. spell or do absolutely nothing (e.g., stand and stare, sit down on the floor and stare, etc.) for 1d4 turns. After the period of apathy has elapsed, The character must make another save; if successful, the character may choose any course of action they desire (until that course of action has completely played out); if the save fails, the character must once again do nothing for 1d4 turns. A remove curse spell will break the enchantment on the individual and the item, at which point it is worth 500 gp.

Thieves' Gloves of Poison Immunity

This item is only usable by characters with the ability to disarm traps as a thief.

These fine gloves of white kidskin make the wearer immune to the effects of poisons injected into the hands (e.g., on a failed attempt to disarm a poison needle trap). They do, however, adjust the chance of success for disarming small/fine traps by -5%. Even though they are white, they remain magically clean, and will never get dirty, even under the most extreme circumstances. They do not alter the effects of any other types of poison other than those noted above.

Gauntlets of Rusting

This cursed item can affect any character.

When a character puts these gauntlets on, they will magically be impossible to remove without the assistance of a remove curse spell. Such a spell only allows the gloves to be removed, but does not remove the gloves inherent ability, which is as follows: the gloves' touch corrodes nonmagical ferrous metal as a rust monster.

Circlet of Astral Wayfinding

This item may only be used by psionic characters.

This simple silver headband features a small cushion-cut diamond as its center piece. When worn by a psionically-endowed character physically present in the Astral Plane, it allows them to telepathically discern the direction of the nearest veil, pool, gate or portal. It does not communicate distance, only general direction. This item does not work if the character is in their astral body.

Wizard's Scabbard

This item may be used by any character permitted to use a dagger.

This scabbard of dark-brown leather is trimmed on its edges with silver. It magically adapts to fit any dagger with a relatively straight blade no wider than 2" and no longer than 18". If a normal (nonmagical) dagger is placed in this scabbard, for each turn it remains sheathed, when drawn it will appear to shimmer and operate as a +1 dagger for an equal number of rounds, plus 1 additional round. At the end of the duration, the magic is spent and the weapon goes back to operating as a standard dagger. This item does not affect magical daggers. There is no limit to the number of times a normal dagger maybe affected by this item. If re-sheathed before the magic is spent, the duration "resets" to 0 rounds at the moment it is sheathed.

Cloak of the Octopus

Any character of approximately human size may wear and use this item.

This hooded cloak of black leather always appears wet, but is dry to the touch. When the hood is drawn over the head, the cloak grows 8 tentacles which may strike against up to 8 different melee targets (4 to the front and 4 to the rear), doing 1d4+1 with each successful "to hit" roll (the character's Strength bonuses do not apply to attack or damage rolls made with the tentacles). Additionally, 3×/day, if the hood is drawn, the cloak provides an ink spray breath attack. On a failed save vs. breath, those caught in the 3' wide × 6' long mist cloud of black ink must save vs. breath or be blinded for 1d4+2 turns. It also takes 1d4+2 turns of scrubbing to fully cleanse the ink from skin, or to wash it out of clothing.

Salamander Boots

Any character may wear these.

These boots come in two varieties--those made from the skin of a fire salamander and those made from the skin of a frost salamander. Fire salamander boots reduce fire/heat damage by half, and allow the wearer to walk across hot lava without sinking (as if walking on water); fire cannot damage the boots; and the wearer gets a +3 reaction bonus when dealing with fire-based creatures. Frost salamander boots reduce ice/cold damage by half, and allow the wearer to walk across slush without sinking (as if walking on water), and across ice-covered water without risk of falling through; cold cannot damage the boots; and the wearer gets a +3 reaction bonus when dealing with cold-based creatures.

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