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Teoria Cuantica y la percepción de la Realidad
Teoria Cuantica y  Realidad   La cuántica establece que las
partículas elementales, constitu- yentes del átomo, no son elementos
esencialmente reales dada su imprecisión existencial. Se pueden comportar como partículas en un
momento dado, y como ondas en el...

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An API can be defined as: “An interface to a software
component that can   be invoked at a distance
over a communications   network using standards
based technologies.” The API Economy represents a new—but already proven—way   of doing business: flexible, p...

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Towards the API Economy (1) - The new role of APIs in the Payment System
The new role of APIs in the Payment System PSD2 introduces two new types of licence for TPPs: a licence for Payment Initiation Service Providers (PISPs) and a licence for Account Information Service Providers (AISPs). In terms of the types of services that ...

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Towards the API Economy... The Payment Services Directive 2 (PSD2)
The API Economy -  Towards new Digital Business Model.   It´s known that Industry disruption has always been driven by technology and standarization.      Application programming interfaces ( APIs) are  the key "building blocks" of the new Digital Business ...

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La Estructura de la Realidad (3)
La Estructura de la Realidad Antes de abordar de manera especifica el diseño de organizaciones para la consecución de objetivos es importante interpretar adecuadamente la formación de la realidad. **************** La cuántica establece que las
partículas ...

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The Freedom of Being and "Stay" Young...ALWAYS!
"I will let you in on a little secret: you do much better if you don’t
think about your age. I will be 87 this July but I try to envisage
myself as a child because children don’t think about the finish line.
They run and run and run. When they play, it’s...

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La Estructura de la Realidad (2)
Algunas reflexiones sobre nuestra interpretación de la realidad... ************************************ “Nadie entra pánico cuando el sol se pone por la
noche. Sabemos que sale de nuevo por la mañana. Nadie entra pánico en la
estación cuando caen las hoja...

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Oil & Metals. The cornestone of the economy ahead?
A look over the situation of the metal and oil markets could allow us to foresee what is ahead of the road for the current economy conditions.... (From Financial Times) What is the outlook for oil and metals?

A slumping oil price heading down to the lowest...

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La Estructura de la Realidad (1)
La realidad tal como la conocemos o se nos presenta por parte de terceros medios de comunicación no siempre es objetiva y es susceptible de ser interpretada en función de los modelos mentales, expectativas y a juicios a priori del "observador". A continua...

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Santiago Jimenez Barrull - Global Entrepeneur
Jiménez Barrull Global Business Entrepeneur and Venture Capitalist maat   International Group ( Founder and
Executive Chairman Mr Jiménez is the
Chairman of maat International (, the holding company for one of
the most...
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