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Just sharing these publicly so I can share the URL.
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Anyone know this guy? Apparently someone in Amsterdam found his camera and is looking for him on facebook.

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If anyone has seen Paul Bunbury since about 4pm on Thursday could you please let his brother alan know, or just pop myself or another of his friends a message? It's not like him to disappear so quickly, have his phone off and not be at a computer for more than 24 hours. He's a friend so we just want to know he's safe. Share this if you know Paul please.

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For all Irish train users out there, I just released a new version of Traein on the Android Market. Expect to see an update in the coming hours.

Traein 1.0.4:
- Changed the wording for the station of origin (the previous wording was odd when looking at the station of origin, and it confused users).
- Fix rare crash (when the activity terminates before the data is fetched).

"I'm turning on the light" ... "what's a light?".

I don't know, +Cian Synnott , maybe you should ask the ducks. 

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I've really been enjoying the replay of "the show with ze frank".

"ducks! ... Oh I'm sorry I was dreaming there were ducks"

I'm glad it was just a dream, +Cian Synnott 
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