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A man lays responsibility for #DomesticViolence  and pornography - and the results - at the feet of men.

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Highly recommended blog.

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I'm featured in the August edition of Writing Magazine. Pretty cool addition to my morning routine. :D

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With thanks to Readers Favorite.

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"You can shoot yourself in the foot by actually becoming the problem. You can't be blamed for that - not initially - because a lot of gaslighting happens in an alienation game, and an abuser can bait you into such despair and ugliness that you help to create your own downfall. Also, as most of your energies during the marriage went to the preservation and protection of your children, you probably lost track of not only your own needs, but the reality of what was happening to your kids. 

And after you left the abuser, you know that you had a period of time where you had to reinvent a life for yourself, and probably not much real help in doing so. 

Then the kids walked away, filled with contempt for you, and you can't get your legs under you again as you rail against what is a very real injustice." - from THE ALIENATED MOTHER

You were abused. You got away.
Now your kids are rejecting you.

And if you don't know what happened or what to do about it, you can wind up ruining your own life.

THE ALIENATED MOTHER: Now available on #Amazon .

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The girl's been busy. Check this new website - and look for the release of +Melodie Ramone's stunning, realistic romance LIGHTS OF POLARIS on March 20th!

"The best classic romance since Bogie met Bacall." #5Star   #review  of Killarney Traynor's NECESSARY EVIL

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"Awesome" is just too mild a word to describe this.
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