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How to Avoid Roofing Scams for Quality Roof Replacement in Roswell

This is a topic that’s not commonly talked about, as people who have been the target of a roofing scam will be too embarrassed to share the information. Since a roof replacement Roswell location is going to be one of your most expensive home improvement expenses in your lifetime, it’s also something that the criminal can prey upon too. And even if you need roof repair Roswell services, you should still be weary.

Here are a few things to be aware of before you hand over that big check.

The first problem involves scam artists showing up at your home after a bad storm, offering to fix your roof. They 100% want a check from you immediately. They’ll take it, with a promise they’ll return the next day, but then don’t. They may also have handed you a business card that looks legit.

It’s important to check out a roofing company before hiring them. You can search online to see if they have a website, and that all employees really do work there. Find out if they’re licensed and certified to work in that state. Do they have employees, or do they have “subcontractors” who aren’t insured? You also want to find out if they have liability insurance.

Once you’ve established that a business is legit, your next task is to find out if they are experienced roofers. There may be tradespeople who have experience in one aspect of the construction or renovations industry—siding, painting, or building—but know little about how to install a roof. They may be trying to fill in time until their next job, and think that doing someone’s roof is a good way to fill the time. While their intentions may be honest, it can lead to heartaches if they don’t know what they’re doing.

When you talk to a roof replacement Roswell salesperson, they should be knowledgeable, helpful, and have excellent listening skills. If the salesperson turns aggressive, this is a red flag. Show them to the door.

Do not make a down payment on building materials. Professional roofers have the cash flow to buy your building materials. You’ll be signing a bound contract. You may be required to make a small payment after a day at the job, but don’t send money in advance before they’ve even begun the job.

Be sure to ask for references before hiring roof repair Roswell services. Then, go to these locations to see for yourself. If you’ve liked what they’ve done, then you can consider hiring them. See if you can actually speak to the owner too, just in case you’re given a phoney reference.

Be sure to read all contracts from beginning to end. There should be a breakdown of all costs, including labour and materials, and the timeframe involved.

By now you understand the importance of hiring quality roof replacement Roswell contractors. Please give Duffy Roofing & Restoration a call, as we never disappoint!
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Best Questions for Johns Creek Roof Replacements and Repairs?

Are you ready to call the Johns Creek roof replacements and repairs expert to replace or fix your old roof? This can be a long process, but the good news is that your new roof can be in place before summer! It can be a stressful time worrying about how your house renovations are going to get done. The good news is that Duffy Roof, your Johns Creek roof replacements and repairs professionals, are here to answer your questions now.

Are you licensed and insured?

Yes, we are! Many states require a license, but we ensure we stay one step ahead of all requirements. You can check with city hall to find out if your preferred roofer has one, and if you need a roofing permit in your city. Yes, we have liability insurance for damages and injuries, and we also have Workers’ Compensation insurance for our own workers. It all provides extra peace-of-mind to know that if something goes wrong, the homeowner is covered from losses and damages.

Do you remove the old roof or just build on top?

We are aware of the practice of installing shingles on top of shingles, but don’t recommend more than two layers. You’d be surprised at what we find underneath shingles! So yes, we can remove everything, including rotting wood beneath, gutters, basically anything relating to roofing products, before we install your brand new roofing materials.

Is drip edge metal necessary?

New roofing materials are constantly being invented, and they’re designed so that water flows over them and then away from your house, without seeping in or causing damage. So yes, we do recommend edge metal, which is basically a small piece of aluminum that’s placed under the shingles at the edge of the roof. For such a minimal investment, your fascia and wood of your roof are doubly protected.

My gutters are new, how is damage prevented?

Many people are concerned, as they’ve gone to great expense to install new gutters, then realized that their roof needs replacing next. But don’t worry, as this is not an issue. We actually use equipment called ladder stabilizers or standoffs. They rest safely against the side of your building, but still enable workers to safely get up and down the roof. They kind of look like long arms or ledges. They also allow the roofers to better install your new roof.

Who is responsible for the garbage?

There can be a lot of refuse involved in the removal of an old roof, and the installation of a new roof. We usually place large tarps on the ground to collect this debris. At the end of the day, it’ll be scooped up and removed in our truck. The homeowner does not and should not need to do anything from the start to the finish of the job. We are even conscientious about stray nails laying around.

Are you ready to hire your Johns Creek roof replacements and repairs professionals? Please give Duffy Roofing & Restoration a call today. We’d be happy to answer any and all questions you may have!
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Do You Need a Top Rated Roof Company in Metro Atlanta?

If you’ve reached the point where you’re embarrassed by your house’s roof, or worse, leaks that are affecting your ceilings or floors, it’s time to find a top rated roof company in metro Atlanta. But just like with any type of trade or service anywhere, there are good roofers, there are mediocre roofers, and there are bad roofers. The key is to screen out the bad ones to find a good one, such as Duffy Roof. However, we feel you need to decide for yourself, so here are a few tips to help you get going.

Ask the roofing company how long they have been in business,  specifically doing “roofing installations and repairs”. Ask to see proof of business license and insurance. If you have concerns about workers, you may want to see proof of Workers’ Compensation Insurance—you need to know that they’re covered and won’t sue you if they get injured. You also need to find out if the company is certified by the state. This will provide you with additional confidence that you’ve hired the right company.

Do a search online for reviews. Do know that it’s simple to post reviews but never take them back. Read bad reviews carefully. If they’re not specific, they may have been targeting the roofing company out of spite. See if the roofer has followed up on bad reviews to make amends. Be wary of endless positive reviews without specifics too.

Ask if the roofer has worked on similar houses to yours before. They may be a commercial roofer or only have experience with flat roofs. It’s important to hire qualified professionals for your specific roofing job.

Find out what their recommendations are. Perhaps you have a specific roofing problem in the past that no one has been able to solve. Another roofer may know of new materials or installation techniques. Even higher quality shingles may prevent having to replace a roof every 15 years.

Find out how long the roofing job will take. If several layers of old shingles have to be striped off, or there is rotting wood under them, the job is going to take much longer to get done right. There may also be other factors involved too. The weather can play a big factor in whether the job will take a few days or weeks.

Also find out what types of warranties and guarantees are available. Warranties will cover materials and products, while a guarantee will be provided by the roofer so they’ll come back to fix any loose shingles or gutters if something goes wrong within a specific time frame.

If you’re shopping around for the best top rated roof company in metro Atlanta, please give Duffy Roofing & Restoration a call. We are one of the top rated roofing companies in Atlanta. Just do a bit of research to see for yourself. We look forward to providing an accurate roofing estimate to replace your house’s roof. Soon the job will be done and your family can get on with happy living!
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What’s Involved in a Roof Replacement Estimate?

Is your house’s roof starting to look old and beginning to leak? There’s a point where you can only do so much patching before it needs to be completely replaced. If you’ve decided that it’s time to replace the old roof you may be a bit puzzled about how to get a roof replacement estimate. Let our short roofing guide help you out.

When providing estimates, you’ll notice that they can be vastly different in price. This is because replacing a roof isn’t as straightforward as replacing flooring in a 400 square foot room. This is because different types of materials can cost a different price per square foot. It can also be based on difficulty.  Different roofs have different slope angles. There may also be other materials required at time of installation, such as new gutters, and ice and water shields at eaves.

Some have dormer windows, chimneys, and vents that must be considered. And of course you have your pricing for labour and installation too—some roofing companies have an excellent reputation so they can charge a bit more for their service.

All of these factors can affect your price. So, you can see that it’s considerably harder to provide an accurate estimate on a roof, than for flooring that’s fairly straightforward.

Other factors that will affect your roof replacement estimate include what types of materials were originally on the roof, and how hard they are to remove. Some homes have two or three layers of old roofing materials that must be removed before the new roof can be placed. They’ll also need to be disposed of. The surface will then need to be cleaned off and new underlayment will need to be installed.

There may also be specific local building code requirements that can affect your estimate if there are extra steps required in the installation process. There are also building permits that need to be obtained, which may differ in price from city to city.

Even something as simple as geographical location can affect the pricing of the roofing materials. Some states have lower roofing prices depending on supply and demand.

You may be wondering about actual costs. Well, these are only ballpark estimates, but the typical ranch-style house in Atlanta will have about a 15 to 20 square foot surface that can cost from $5000 to $8000 for a basic roof replacement, while a higher-end job, such as a metal roof, can cost up to $14,000. You can see how costs can vary over all these factors.

We don’t believe in cutting corners or providing shoddy materials, as your house’s roof is one of the most essential components of a house that protects the structure, and keeps your family warm and dry.

Are you ready to get a roof replacement estimate? Please contact Duffy Roof today. We’d be happy to book an appointment, and take the time to get you the most accurate roof estimate possible.
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What to Do About Roof Leak and Roof Repair?

You may not know your roof is leaking until it drips down into your living room or other room in your home. There may also be other signs that include water stains on your ceiling or walls. But finding the source of a leaky roof can be tricky. Even if you do a visual inspection of your roof, you may see no missing shingles or damage that could cause a leak. If you’re not ready to replace your entire roof, you may still need to call a roof leak and roof repair service.

It’s important to fix that leak immediately, otherwise, mold can develop in your home. Your entire structure can be at risk. It may seem like a big expense to call in a roofing company, such as Duffy Roof, but we can actually prevent even bigger issues from happening in the future.

Over time, a roof leak can cause rotted framing and sheathing, and destroy your insulation, ceilings, and walls.

You may be curious how we find roof leaks. Sometimes it’s simple, sometimes it’s takes a bit of investigation first. We begin by looking at the roof that is uphill from the stains. We start from outside, and see if there area any roof penetrations.

These are items that have gotten into your roof. They can be some form of plant debris or branches, even pebbles. One of the most common reasons for roof penetration is from foreign objects getting under the shingles.

Leaks almost never occur on a line of uninterrupted shingles. The regions that offer the most common issues are around gutters, roof vents, plumbing, dormer windows, or chimneys. Basically, anywhere that objects can get caught and stuck.

Even if there is damage on one part of the roof, the resulting leak can be several feet to the right or left of of it. This is because the water gets beneath the shingles and may journey a ways before it finds another crack in the ceiling.

If your house has an attic, we’ll head up there with a flashlight for further clues. There could be water stains, black marks, or even mold on walls, ceiling, or floor. But if the ceiling is vaulted, this is much more difficult, and often the only way to find the fault is from the outside.

We may also use tricks to find the leaks. Something as simple as running a garden hose on a spot we think is the cause for the leak can simplify the process.

A roof leak and roof repair can be an emergency situation in Atlanta, particularly during winter. It’s important to call Duffy Roofing & Restoration to come in and take a look. We have the experience to find the exact source of roofing leaks, and we can quickly and competently get your roof fixed so that the structure of your home stays intact.

Please give Duffy Roof a call today to book an appointment. Once the source of your roof’s leaks are fixed, your family will be able to live in comfort.
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Roof Replacements Need to Be Done Right

You may have visions of getting up on that roof to nail down some new shingles, but Duluth GA roof replacements are a bit more difficult than that. Roofing utilizes the most advanced roofing material technology and equipment to protect your greatest asset—your house.

At Duffy Roof, we understand that deciding to install a new roof is going to be a major financial and time commitment. It can involve some inconvenience, but once it’s done, you’ll breathe a sigh of relief.

It’s important that Duluth GA roof replacements are done right, so that you don’t have to bring in a second roofer who actually knows what they’re doing.

The start of the roofing installation process begins with a new roofing estimate. This may need some adjustment along the way, as you understand what’s involved, and the different types of roofing materials to choose from. It also needs to be accurate so you’re not surprised with the final invoice.

Did you know that during your new roof installation that safety is of utmost importance? Chances are that you have a family—young kids and pets—who enjoy the house. You’ll need to keep your young children and pets indoors during this process. Your roofers will also need to protect your house’s siding, walls, and garden with tarps and protection plywood. We may have signage up too, just in case your house is close to a pedestrian walkway.

It’s important to remove old roofing materials first, before we can get started on installing new materials. While it’s common practice to put shingles on an already existing layer, more than two is not recommended. In fact, we have seen houses that had three or more layers of shingles! By this point, the roofing is creating so many gaps that it’s going to fail for certain.

Once all the roof’s shingles have been removed, the wood decking can be inspected. This is to ensure that the surface is stable and secure, so that it will be a solid base for your new roofing structure. There are also instances where this part of the structure may need to be replaced too. This can be quite costly, but it’s imperative that it’s replaced before it completely fails, otherwise the entire structure of your house is at risk.

We also take the time to search for missing nails, as this structure needs to be secure. We can re-nail the wood decking if it needs to be done. There are many other processes that we must do, including installing the roofing felt, new shingles, gutters and vents.

We also believe in keeping the job site clean on a daily basis. This works to decrease the stress of Duluth GA roof replacements. We also do a meticulous post-roofing inspection to ensure everything is done right. If not, we fix it until it is.

Please call Duffy Roofing & Restoration today and we’d be happy to assist you with your new roofing replacement to get the job done right.
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All About Roofing in Atlanta GA

If you’re ready for roof replacement in Atlanta, then you’ll want to call your local roofing experts at Dusty Roof to book an appointment. Many homeowners have no idea where to get started. A new roof can be a great expense, but is hopefully one that won’t be required for the next 25 years or more. Here are a few tips to help you begin.

It begins with a phone call to Duffy Roof. We’ll book an appointment with the owner(s) of the house, and arrive at your convenience. We’ll need to inspect your roof, and possibly gain access to the attic (if you have one), so we can see if there are any leaks or cracks.

Once we’ve assessed your old roof, we’ll sit down and work out a written estimate for you. It’s important that you have a written contract, to maintain fairness for what is expected of our work. While there are instances where it may slightly differ at point of invoicing—certain materials may or may not have been required—generally it should be very close to the original estimate if the salesperson has been competent with the quote. And if you have trouble choosing materials, then we can provide two or three different quotes, and you choose the one best for your house.

Our roofing estimators will walk you through every step of the process so you have a full understanding of what needs to be done for your new roof. They’ll provide options for essential roofing materials that stay within your budget.

It’s always the law of home renovations that things don’t go as planned. It helps to have a project manager on site to communicate with, in case there are any issues or concerns. Your project manager will keep you in the loop.

Just what can go wrong? Sometimes certain roofing materials may be late in delivery. It can rain. Your plywood sheeting may need replacing. It’s best to not stress and let the experts handle any issues that come up.

You may also wish to know if your landscaping is protected during the installation or repair of your new roof. Yes, a good roof installation Atlanta expert will lay down plastic sheeting and tarpaulins that collect any debris that may accidentally fall off the roof. Warning signs will also be posted, should your house be close to a sidewalk. It also helps if you keep your young children and all pets indoors during this time. You may wish to park your vehicles inside your garage too.

The best roof replacement Atlanta contractors should be doing all the work of your roofing repairs or replacements, while you sit back and relax. They should be open to answering questions and solving problems.

Please call Please Duffy Roofing & Restoration a call today! Soon it’ll be like you have a whole new house!
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Tips To Follow to Save Your Roof from Storm Damage

Storms are one of the leading causes of roof damage all across the world. Most storms occur during the winter when winds are heavy and rains are continuous. You need to make sure that you exercise some tips to prevent your roof from damage so that you don’t incur roof repair Atlanta costs. Being a natural disaster, storms could be prevented only if proper preparation are put in place. If you know your home is located in storm prone zones, you will need some tips to keep your house safe. 

Cut down All Branches of Trees near Your Roof

When a storm comes, it normally brings down braches of trees which can fall on your roof and damage it. You don’t need to let this happen, make sure that you cut all branches down so that you leave your roof separate from the branches. Trees can act like wind blockers but they need to be situated away from your roof. If you have to plant trees, make sure that you plant them in a manner that they will surround the house without touching your roof.

The Design of Your Roof Matters

Streamlined or conical shaped roofs are not likely to be damaged by storms. This is because all running water and wind will follow the direction of the roof without forcing it to go down. If your roof is not in a perfect shape, it will create resistance with the violent winds and this will cause it to go down. Let your wind be well-shaped to ensure that it doesn’t get carried away by storms. Storms are normally strong so if your roof has some resistant surfaces, it will be carried away and leave your house open.

Proper Fixation of Your Roof

The areas of attachment of the roof frame should be well-fixed and attached. This is to make sure that you increase the quality of your roof and make it firm enough. It will not fall down even when strong winds and storm come. If not well fixed, you will see it going down because all points of attachments will detach and you will not be in a position to increase its stability. Use proper bolts and nails to hold your roof in position. Always make sure that you increase the quality of your roof by using top notch materials to make it.

To conclude, you need to ensure that you always look for possible mechanisms to keep your roof safe. You can always reshape your roof to ensure that it doesn’t get affected by the storms. The most important thing is to ensure you make a quality roof that will withstand all kinds of winds and storms at all times. Roof repair Atlanta is not that cheap so you need to make sure that you protect your roof from all kinds of damage to prevent yourself from incurring such losses. Keep in mind that you will always need to hire a professional to make your roof.
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Roofing contractors-experience v/s affordability

When your roof starts leaking or attracting rust due to bad weather conditions, then it is time for you to have a roof replacement. This will ensure that the home maintains its original look and it will also increase your home value. The best roof replacement Buford contractors should be in a position to offer variety of services to guarantee you the best roof replacement service. However, these is always a problem on finding such contractors.

Experienced or affordable contractors?

As much as most roofing contractors are experienced in the field, they happen to offer different quality of services. There are contractors that are very much experienced but tend to offer very high rates in the work they do. As much as such type of contactors will always offer you quality services, you might not be able to afford their rates. On the other hand, you can also find other contractors that offer quality services at very affordable rates. Well, most people assume that contractors who charges lower rates do not offer quality services. But this is not always the case. On the contrary, there are a wide range of roofing contractors who take their time to come up with a perfect roof and still happen to offer relatively lower rates. There include start up and smaller companies.

Does the company size matter?

One important element that every home owner should note is that they actually should not be blinded by the company size. The assumption of most people is that the larger the company the better services offered and vice versa. But there are also large roofing contractors company that may not have the necessary experience to handle the roofing project.

What to choose between experience and affordability

The issue of whether to use experienced or affordable contractors totally lies on the homeowner. This also depends on the budget you have for the roofing project. But whatever the case, you should always ensure that the roofing company Atlanta contractors are in a position to offer quality services for the job. If you have enough time in a day, you can also supervise the project for some hours to be sure that everything goes on as instructed. It is also important to hire professionals who possess the following additional qualities


No matter the size of the business, always ensure that the contractors have a good reputation among the locals. The best contractors in this case should be located in a specific region for you to know that they can always offer better services. You can also check on the past client experiences to find out if they were satisfied with the services offered.

Variety of services

The process of moving from one company to another seeking for different services for the roof replacement project can be overwhelming. When looking for a roofing contractor, ensure that the professionals are in a position to both help you come up with the best roof and help in the roofing replacement process.
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Roof replacement-when do you need it?

In most cases, home owners know that it is time for a roof replacement when the roof starts leaking. But leaking comes about due to a number of reasons. Knowing the exact cause of the leak is what will help you solve the problem once and for all. Here are some of the causes of roof leaking that you can spot to tell if your roof really needs a replacement

Roof age

How many years have passed since the roof was installed? Remember that when roofs stay for longer periods, they are subjected to heat and other harsh weather condition that can make the roof fade and lose their original appearance. Roof experts agree that the best roof should last for between 20-25 years. This also depends if the roof shingles were removed. If the roof stays longer than this stipulated period, then it is a sign that you need a roof replacement.

Curling shingles

Shingles that curl is also a sign that the roof has aged and you need a replacement soon. If you look at parts of the roof that are normally exposed to direct sunlight, you may realize that the shingles have curled. This is an indication that the shingles are working while way beyond their life expectancy. It is also a possibility that you have a defective roof. If you happen to see such signs on your roof, it is important to seek services roofing Alpharetta contractors before it falls on you.

Roof valleys

If the roof shingles are missing in some areas, or are just falling apart, it is an indication that you should contact roofing company Decatur as soon as possible. Valleys play an important role in roof maintenance since they are pathways to snow and rainfall. If the valley happens to have any defects, it can lead to roof leaking in the long run.

Missing shingles

This is also a characteristic of falling is therefore important to frequently inspect the roof to find out if the shingles are intact in their places.

Chimney flashing

Flashing chimneys are also another area of concern. If the flashing consists of tar and cement, it is important that you consider replacing it with strong water tight finishing.

Sunlight through the roof

At times when you are inside the home, you may experience shiny torch-like rays from the roof top. This is also an important sign that your roof has aged enough to be replaced. Such roofs can also lead to leaks when there is heavy rainfall or snow
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