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Fate Solo is my most popular destination on my blog. I thought people would like to know a little more about the behind-the-scenes work I done on it. So here's me interviewing myself about Fate Solo.

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Heya, just thought you would be interested with my latest blog post in which I interview myself about Solo Engines and Fate Solo.

Heya, just thought you would like to know that I've uploaded a new product for sale on RPG Now. Just waiting back for the staff to okay said product!

It's been too long in getting this product out.

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I've just released a new method that helps create E.P.I.C. solo campaigns.

There is even a competition to win a copy of Johnn Four's 3 Line NPCs.

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I'm embarking upon a series of articles about different methods of journaling solo RPG adventures.

I've come up with these 8 methods:
keeping it inside your head
writing it as if its a novel
brief notes
illustrated writing (a book with illustrations throughout)

What methods do you use and how do you do it?
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keeping it inside your head
writing it down (novel / journaling)
brief notes

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Heya, just wanted to share a link to my new training course I've been, and am, working on.

Frustration to Freedom takes you through the very basics and to the point where you're able to have legendary solo RPG adventures.

The last orders for this course will be sometime on Monday (UK time).

#course #solorpg #ftf  

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Fate Solo has a new home.

I'll be starting work on it again in the coming weeks, if all goes well.

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After months in creation, Solo Roleplayer's website is now live.

Some news about what's happening with me and why I've not been active recently.

Well the big news is that 2 weeks ago (really!?) my wife gave birth to our first 2 children.

I've also got the basics for set up and once I've done a couple of small tweaks I'll be launching it.

My Guide to Playing Alone is in the process of being uploaded to RPG Now. I'm putting it on sale for $1.97 and should be released next week. A quick hint here if you head to and sign up to my mailing list I'll be sending a coupon to get the guide free...

Once I've done those I'll be turning my attention to the video solo RPG. It's almost all ready to go.

I'll also be looking to launch the Frustration to Freedom course. Oh, and I still need to annouce the winner from this group!

#solorpg #soloroleplayer #news

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I'm in the process of creating my first product for sale. As I've received so much help from Lone Wolf Roleplaying in the past I thought I'll post my survey as to what should be in the course here.

If you fill it in and want to try and win a free copy of my course please enter your name in Q8 but in brackets LW Roleplaying and everyone who enters via here will be put into your very own prize draw.
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