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Jeremy Williamson
Technology Integrationist & Google Educator
Technology Integrationist & Google Educator

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I'm delighted that I can add an email address as a merge field inside my created documents. How far can I take it? Putting is working fine but Sheets doesn't like it when I try and expand the syntax to include ?subject=Hello&body=Hello%20there, for example. I suspect Autocrat would handle whatever, so this is probably more to do with my failure to find out how to format the mail hyperlink in Sheets. Any help appreciated.

We have some weirdness at our school.

Teachers have created classes and posted dated assignments. Students can see these under 'Work' and a Desktop version of Google Calendar. So they are definitely able to access the assignments and can see the class calendars.

However, we are an iPad school and in the Google Classroom iOS app, choosing Calendar passes you across to the Google Calendar (iPhone) app where, for some students/classes, the events do NOT appear. The calendars are ticked on in the lists. We have tried reinstalling the app and switching the account off and on again, as advised on Google's help forum.

The only difference I can find between students and classes who can is that it worked yesterday but not today!!

Any suggestions gratefully received.

Archiving last year's classes did not seem to remove the linked calendar from mine or student's view. Shouldn't it? Would seem to make sense. I know I can hide the calendars but I was hoping for a simpler way.

In the iOS App Store (whether on iPad or in iTunes), typing 'Google' into the search bar no longer brings up Google iOS apps! The apps are still there ... I can update them, they still appear in a Google search and you can follow the links through to the App Store / iTunes, but they are not searchable.
Is this the next round in the big fight? Or just a glitch?

I am exploring developing a 'high-tech' lab for our middle school (ages 10-14). Does anyone have or know of a recent example that I could visit in the UK or Europe? I'm especially interested in very flexible spaces with clever storage and image projection as well as gadgets (computers not needed!) Thanks in advance.

Why does Classroom on a browser call them 'Assignments' for students and on the iPad App call them 'Work'? Is that a language setting??

Feature request to globally set the default points scale for grading so that we don;t have to keep altering it (we always use the same one).

Did anyone else notice that the days are wrong in the Calendar view of Classroom? Today is apparently Thursday!
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We are in an International school in London, UK. When there's a slight delay in Classroom (or any Google product) I always say 'well, the data has to get all the way to California and back' which blows some students' minds (even if not entirely accurate ... I expect there's a closer server farm, but I don't really know). Now I've just heard one of my colleagues say it!

Am I imagining it or did there used to be a 'HAND IN' and 'RETURN' button when you were in a Google Doc handled via Classroom? Or is it still there and I've lost it? It would be handy to submit / return work from the doc rather than keep going back to Classroom.
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