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Simon Clarke
Dealers in Antique Campaign Furniture
Dealers in Antique Campaign Furniture

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A great article on Antique Campaign or Military chests.

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Campaign or Military Chests - Beginners Guide Part 2.
Campaign or Military  Chests - Beginners Guide Part 2. Where was it made ? This can sometimes be a little tricky to the un-trained eye as a lot of campaign chests can at first glance all look the same. On closer inspection, following a few guidelines you sh...

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Campaign or Military Chests - Beginners Guide Part 1.
To those who have not studied campaign furniture understanding military or campaign chests can appear quite confusing. When was it made? Where was it made ? Is it original ? What timber is it ?      We often come across military chests and other pieces of c...

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The Cavalry Chest.
Why the Cavalry chest ? Though very likely this term was used prior to this we first came across the name in the Army & Navy Stores Catalogue of 1907.  It's name giving connotations of a superior model.                               This teak example below ...

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Maynard & Co. A lesser known Campaign Furniture Maker.
  Maynard & Co. Military and General Outfitters and Agents. 27 , Poultry, Next to Mansion House. Maynard & Co. are not one of the first names you would think of when considering makers of campaign furnit ure.  Though in business for almost 80 years , from 1...

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The Victorian Army’s Cabinet Maker of Choice.
and Co. of Dublin were one of the most important makers of campaign furniture
in the Victorian era and justifiably, their name still stands out as a leader
in their field, today. With
the rapid growth of the British Empire in the
19 th century, came th...

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Portrait of A Bengal Artillery Officer
This watercolour on paper portrait shows an officer of the Bengal Artillery. He is wearing an undress type of coat and is relaxed, sat with his legs crossed on an armchair. It is interesting that the soldier has kept his spurs on for the portrait. The Anglo Indian armchair is worthy of note and, aside from the uniform, helps us to date the picture. Jaffer illustrates a few similar chairs in Furniture From British India and Ceylon. He also shows a Chinnery picture of Richmond and Anne Thackeray with their son William in which the father is sat side on in a comparable chair. Although both artist and subject are unknown the painting has a charm and is appealing to both scholars of uniform and colonial furniture. Circa 1815.

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Gregory Kane : Campaign Furniture Maker.
Gregory Kane,
like most Campaign Furniture manufacturers, was first described in the Treble
Almanac of 1829 as a Trunk Maker with premises at 8 ½ Fishamble Street, Dublin.
He appears to have moved to 1 Fishamble in 1830 but continued as a Trunk Maker. He mu...

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"An Officers Room."
   We are now, amazingly, on our 23rd exhibition of antique campaign furniture and travel requisites. Our latest  "An Officers Room." comes from the name of the satirical print below: The vast majority of the items illustrated in the Officer’s Room print on...
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