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Ryan Duggan
Wielder of lasers, flow-er of cells, writer of cytometry technology.
Wielder of lasers, flow-er of cells, writer of cytometry technology.

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Stop what you're doing immediately, click on the link below and support this kickstarter.

Only 9 days left and it's already at 75% funded. If you value science education for kids, support this story geared towards young kids, especially girls. I can't wait to get my copy to share with my 3 girls, but that will only happen if you help kickstart the project.

Nine (9, single digit!!) days left to help inspire the next generation of creative thinkers and teach kids about their immune cell superheroes via my campaign! :) We officially passed the 100 backer mark (thank you, thank you!) and are at 73% of goal (not including the matching fund piece). A fun book and concept appendix, immune cell playing cards, posters, and GIANTmicrobes await you!

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One of my favorite places in Chicago.
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Um. Is anyone moderating here?

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Does anyone have any creative tips for including links to encourage people to donate to a cause on YouTube? I thought this would be straightforward until I realized YouTube does not permit embedded links on their videos to URLs outside of their approved fundraising sites.  I'm guessing that leaves me with dropping a link in the description, but just thought someone here might have a better idea.  Btw, here's Google's support page on linking to fundraising sites.

Interactive online conference program booklet help

I must be asking Google the wrong questions, because I can't find this info anywhere.

I simply want a nice way to put the program information for a conference online.  In the past, I just had a pdf of the program on dropbox, but wanted to see if there was a more interesting (and interactive) way to do this that is not going to cost much (preferably free).

Any ideas?

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This week was the end of school for us, and the that means graduations! Regina's 4 Year Old Preschool Graduation On Monday morning Regina's 4 year old preschool class walked over the bridge and towards Kindergarten! She was so excited to get up there and si...

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Rest in Peace, Mr. Memo
You will be missed....

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You've probably seen or read about the many benefits of using automated analysis strategies for your flow cytometry data.  Maybe you've even downloaded R-Studio and opened it up a couple times. But, if you're like most of us, getting started is the hardest part.  Once the mystery of dipping your toes into the murky lake of R/Bioconductor has passed, I'm confident you'll be downloading and running packages like a super nerd. 

Join us for a Hangout on Air featuring a panel of data analysis experts as we dive into the nitty gritty details of getting started with R/Bioconductor. 

+TJ Chen  +Greg Finak, and +Raphael Gottardo  will show us all the tips and tricks you'll need to get started asap.

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My computer was stolen, and find my Mac hasn't turned anything up yet. :' (

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The killer feature on android for me has always been widgets.  I get a bunch of information immediately available without having to open an app.  The second killer feature on android is definitely Google Now.  I rely on it everyday.

But coming fresh off the hoopla that is WWDC, and being a lifelong macintosh user, I feel myself more and more swayed to jump both feet into the Apple ecosystem and get an iPhone.  I've never been an iPhone user, so I can't speak to its real-life use, but I did have an iPod Touch once upon a time, and as soon as I was able to, I jailbroke it so I could tailor it to my liking.

This is probably the biggest change in Apple I've noticed.  The slight cracks they've created in the iron fist of control.  Third party widgets and keyboards, opening up Touch ID, Health Kit, and home automation - it's things like this that tell me, maybe now's the time to make the switch. I don't have any issue with Android, per se, I just see the ease with which things could happen when I see all the cool stuff with the  "continuity" implementation.

But then again, after I watch the keynote at Google I/O in a few weeks, I'll probably feel better about sticking with Android.
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