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Dale Andrews
Co-founder of the comic book podcast Paperkeg. I have a wonderful family. I like drinking craft beer in my basement late at night.
Co-founder of the comic book podcast Paperkeg. I have a wonderful family. I like drinking craft beer in my basement late at night.

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Yea, +Christopher Jones and I started a +Paperkeg spin-off podcast! It's called Bookjug! It is pure book club.

Jonesy and I are lapsed readers who are finding our way back to "book" books thanks to audiobooks and commutes. We have been in our own "book club" for over a year now, texting and talking about books in our spare time. We decided to record our conversations... put a little production value into 'em, and that brings us to Bookjug!

We are excited and look forward to reading books from all genres!

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Paperkeg has a new podcast in its stable of shows. Bookjug! Check out the link for all of the details!

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The Court of Owls. One of our longest book club segments, probably. Based on no science whatsoever, at least we THINK it is....

Great episode. Man, the 120's eh? Great run of books.

NEXT WEEK: AKIRA in all of it's glory!!!

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Episode #123 is OUT. Listen. Pick up The Halloween Legion and read it with your kids, eh? Wonderful Halloween-themed all ages book!

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I think I know my first game for Xbox One. This looks really great. 

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Yesterday's jaunt to the Pennsylvania Renaissance Faire. Captain Rude's Stout be in that glass. Yar. 

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The next time you're dining out with friends, eliminate the guesstimating of figuring out how much to tip. Say that you're out to eat with eight friends and the bill is $323. On the Google Search App, just type or tap the mic and ask, "What's the tip for 323 dollars?" You can also easily adjust the percent of the bill you’d like to tip, and split the check among the people in your party.

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Good episode!
Paperkeg #120: Sin Titulo!

Telling you what, one of our most memorable book clubs. Moreover we talked about the books we’ve read this week holy smoke. Later in the show their book club is Sin Titulo.

Topics included, but were not limited to:

(04:28) - Who Is Jake Ellis movie news
(06:48) - SHIELD numbers are in
(07:10) - Jonesy TV Scale of 1-10 ™
(10:20) - Comic chatter: Hit #2, Avengers: Endless Wartime, and Grindhouse: Doors Open at Midnight
(25:00) - Lightning Round™: Trillium #3, Marvel Knights Spider-Man #1, and Quantum & Woody #4
(26:29) - Sin Titulo
Hosted by:@dale_a|@slim|@JonesyLovesBeer.

Special thanks to YOU for our iTunes reviews and/or ratings so far; they help spread the word about the show. Sponsored by: The Comic Book Shop. The best place to grab your print or digital comics.

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You should pick this up. S'good.
So excited and pleased to announce that our comic, Hurry: Adventures of the Rabbitoid Knight #1 makes its debut on +comiXology today!  

A Guided View/Thrillbent style comic, Hurry the Rabbitoid Knight and his faithful starship Ollie finally have a lead on the last Cray in the known universe. Once it is captured, the universe will finally be safe from Mother’s evil creations.  Hurry: Adventures of the Rabbitoid Knight is rated 9+.


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