For the past 5 years, changing my password on every website has been one of the routine tasks of my summer holiday. I've been basically using a single password for all my accounts within each year, only adding slight, domain-name-based, easy-to-figure-out variations in recent years. Although the passwords have been very strong and none of my accounts has ever been hacked, this year, after reading so many you-should-use-a-password-manager articles, I was convinced that my previous approach was indeed less secure and less convenient. So I decided to try something new. I would have directly used Chrome's password saving and syncing feature and save myself from the hassle of a standalone password manager, but it turns out that it doesn't work for some websites (e.g. Hotmail, although the only thing I do with Hotmail is log in once a year to change the password) and that syncing across desktop and Android is not yet available. I finally decided to go with the open-source KeePass and sync the database file across devices with Google Drive. I'll see how it works out in the months to come.
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