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The Case
1: A Strange Day Indeed He awoke in an
abnormal state; it was late, he was confused, scattered, and disoriented. He
felt like he’d lost time and space-like he woke up in a strange body and a
strange bed. He slowly came to recognize the familiarity o...

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Can Rare Steak Make You Stupid?
Can Rare Steak Make
You Stupid? An analysis of
Toxoplasmosis and its effects on human behavior A common parasitic infection once considered to be
relatively benign has recently been linked to some disturbing effects. Current
studies of Toxoplasma Gondii, th...

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Blog about my trip to Mexico

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I will try to add something every couple of days.

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Nice blog, it was a pleasure adventuring with you!

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“Fractal” Sunshine Valley, NM 10/8/12. 
An enigma of form, a density puzzle, which way does it go?
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