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Awesome tips from +YouTube for getting an embedded/linked video to start part-way through.
Did you know you can change a link so a video will start at a certain point? Just click Share > Options on a video page or add #t= and the number of minutes and seconds at the end of the URL. For example, if I wanted to start at 4 minutes and 7 seconds, I'd add #t=4m7s and I'm done! So, say you wanted to skip straight to the part where the starved, foreign explorer freaks out over cheese puffs... bam:

Basic needs - extreme happiness

And guess what? If you're not scared of a little html, it works for urls within players you embed on blogs and websites too. Pretty sweet.

#YouTubeProTip courtesy of YouTube's Trends Manager +Kevin Allocca
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Seeing this post triggered something for me. It made me realize all of a sudden the consistency between Google's products. Even though many of their products have a similar style, integrated (look you can even start a hangout right from a YouTube video) and are out there in the "open web" as Google would like to say, it's sort of very separated from any of the content and services I care about (as a twitter, Facebook, tumblr & mac user).

Speaking of hangouts, are people actually using them? Are they popular enough to warrant adding them to every video on YouTube?
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Matthew Hayles

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The always articulate +Rob Clark debunks the science behind Earth Hour. In most developed economies, burning a candle produces more CO2 than turning on a light bulb.
My lights are going to be burning bright tonight at 8:30.

I am not one for symbolic gestures. I believe if you are devoting effort towards an action, that action should be driving towards something. Not just an amorphous goal of 'awareness' - as if there's anyone capable of reading this post who isn't already aware of the issues of human induced climate change, or the issue of wasting resources - and not towards a goal of making people 'feel good' or that they 'made a difference'. Making everyone feel they did something leaves us with a problem still at hand while 'Mission Accomplished' banners wave about.

But what irks me about Earth Hour, particularly moreso than other efforts, is that people make their symbolic gesture by accellerating the problem they're supposedly fighting.

A candle produces 11g of CO2. If your power is coming from a hydro-electric or nuclear plant, as is much of ours in Ontario, a 40 watt bulb is going to produce only 0.16g of CO2.

Even if you're in a place where it's burning coal that brings you your electricity, that bulb is only producing 32g of CO2.

Watch this year's promo video and it's clear people aren't just burning one candle each.

You have people in a room with a dozen candles (as pictured below) that is still darker than if they turned on a single light bulb and yet are producing the equivilant CO2 of running half a thousand lights from a nuclear power plant.

This is like deciding to take a stand against the high fat content in salad dressing eating a leg of fried chicken, or deep fried Mars Bar, or a bacon double cheeseburger. And as I eat this fried chicken with all of you I'll know... I'll KNOW we'll have made a difference. And I'll just feel so good for not having eaten that unhealthy salad this once.

I am not one for symbolic gestures. My lights are going to be on tonight as they are every night, because we don't solve problems by retreating into the darkness.

If you wish to take action as opposed to a gesture, switch your lighting over from incadesscent bulbs to LEDs. Carpool or ride transit. Don't buy bottled water when their is perfectly good water ... the very same water ... from the tap. Take an action that actually accomplishes something and if you must have a symbol, make it a life lived right.

*sources (,, )
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I been saying it for years!
Thanks, Matt.
CFLs and LEDs are our friends.
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Matthew Hayles

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What do CEOs need to know about social? This week I've been working with +Tom Sargent on a presentation on this topic for a CEO audience. It's been fascinating to get inside that mindset, and really drill down to the business impacts of social media - entirely separate from the marketing & PR function.

For my weekly blog post at, I was inspired to go down this rabbit hole a bit further. Take a look!
What CEOs and senior executives need to know to evolve their whole businesses, not just the marketing and PR functions, for a social world.
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Thanks James! Let me know if you'd like to be added onto the distribution list.
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Matthew Hayles

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Love my job. How does a PR firm get Adweek's Agency of the Year? By redefining PR's role in a complex, digital world. Congrats to all my 4,000+ colleagues on an amazing year.

Pic via +Tristan Roy
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Matthew Hayles

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I have been spending way too much time with this playlist recently. It takes me to my happy place.
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Great mix
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Matthew Hayles

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Amazing video of a Hindu festival via +Loic Le Meur.
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Matthew Hayles

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And there's a harmonica involved too!
And then dubstep beatboxing was a thing.

Check out Dave Crowe (and Andy Balcon) of Heymoonshaker.

Thinking that my buddy +AJ Asver needs to up his game.

/cc +Amanda Rosenberg+Chrys Bader+David Byttow #subbass
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Matthew Hayles

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Check out these amazing ads by Dr. Seuss (before he was Dr. Seuss).
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Matthew Hayles

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It's going to be interesting to see how this three-sided business model unfolds over time. Google's chosen an interesting way to tie consumers, researchers and content-creators together. Lots of potential here.
Props to fellow Googlers +Paul McDonald, +Jack Hebert, and +Brett Slatkin on launching +Google Consumer Surveys — a super smart way for companies to do market research and for digital content producers to make money!

It's pretty straight-forward (shamelessly pulled from their site [1]):

1. You create online surveys to gain consumer insight
2. People complete questions to access premium content
3. Publishers get paid as their visitors answer
4. You get nicely aggregated and analyzed data
I've watched this product grow from a kernel of an idea to a full-fledged product and think it has great potential.

Learn more:

/via +DeWitt Clinton

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Matthew Hayles

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Good decision making starts with honest, persistent listening. Great article from McKinsey with lots of examples of how leaders are applying their listening skills.
Strong listening skills can make a critical difference in the performance of senior executives, but few are able to cultivate them. Here’s how. A McKinsey Quarterly Governance article.
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Matthew Hayles

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I just wrote these blogging guidelines for a colleague:

1. Write in the first person.
2. Include hyperlinks.
3. Don't forget to include a short title.

Anything I'm forgetting?
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Build your point/thesis over time; Don't try to write the ultimate post each time.
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Matthew Hayles

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Smart thinking from +Jeff Jarvis on how little we know about the future: "In his upcoming book Too Big to Know, David Weinberger sketches a vision of knowledge that is too big for libraries, institutions, or our heads. ‘Knowledge is now the property of the network,’ he writes. ‘The smartest person in the room is the room itself.’"
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I like big words and I cannot lie. I work and play at @EdelmanTO.
I like big words and I cannot lie. I work and tweet at @EdelmanTO.
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