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Open, honest and very opinionated
Open, honest and very opinionated

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Lost Cause At 30
I was having lunch with my Mom the other day and we were
talking about my upcoming 30 th birthday and in this conversation,
she casually commented that she’s long given up on my getting married and
having kids. First things first … thanks mom, love you too,...

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Positive Place
thoughts enter your head when you sit down to write a blog post, and today is
no different. As I sit here on May 11 th I’m realizing this is likely
the last post I will write as 20-something. I feel like this post should be
something special, and co...

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Hello May, Good Bye 20s
Hello May, and by hello May, I mean; when the heck did May
happen? As I sit here, I only have 13 days left of my 20’s. I am
nearly 3 decades old. Boy, does that sounds odd and a little depressing. Yet, I’m
excited. It almost feels like a fresh start. My 20’...

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The Pattern of Mr. X
I was chatting with a friend regarding the whole Mr. X
having working sperm thing and she said something kind of interesting. She said
she wasn’t surprised by the action, she was surprised by the timing.  And until she said that, it hadn’t crossed my mind w...

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Flipped My Bitch Switch
There was
one last thing I wanted to touch on in this whole mess; and that’s the message
that flipped my bitch switch, and took me from sad, and hurt to murderous. I’d like you
to bear in mind the conversation before the below message was about him not bein...

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The Aftermath
Just so you know where we are in the timeline, I’m writing
this Monday morning, 2 days after “the news” and about 30 seconds after I decided
it was necessary to release my last post nearly a week early and on a
non-scheduled day.  I did that for a lot
of re...

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A Blogger’s Reaction
Mr. X’s Wife
is having a baby. I received this
news a few hours ago as I’m writing this, Saturday in your world. And I’m most surprised
how ingrained blogging is in me. My focus has turned very quickly from the
effect it was having on me, to my blog. Let me...

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Not What I Thought
I’m a little
over a month away from I kiss my 20’s good-bye and enter my 30’s and I can say
one thing for sure, I’m not where I thought I’d be. Physically;
I still haven’t bounced back from the issues I had with my back. I’m getting
back slowly, but I wante...

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Good Idea, Gone Bad
I really
must learn to leave well enough alone. I just had to test whether I was dead
inside or if it just the work effect. I just had to know … I’m a dumbass. “Sure, I miss that face, that skin,
that kissing ability, that sarcasm... but someone who gets me...

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Let’s Get Drunk and Talk
Let me start
with normal disclaimer: This post will be written drunk and edited drunk. Once
I have sobered up I will not touch the post again.  I will of course answer comments and all that,
but there will be no sober editing done. Now that that’s all been ...
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