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Kelly Wayment
Give me some paper and my Silhouette CAMEO any day. The housework can wait!
Give me some paper and my Silhouette CAMEO any day. The housework can wait!

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Rainbow Card Set With Adhesive Cardstock

We had a fun activity with the girls in our neighborhood this week. We decorated cookies and delivered them to several other neighbors whom we thought could use a little pick-me-up. I volunteered to make the cards. :) I’ve mentioned this before (probably…

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Benchmark Anniversary With Gold Foil

My husband asked for my help with a project a few months ago, which required the use of my Silhouette CAMEO® and printable gold foil. His boss was celebrating his 40th anniversary with REI, and my husband wanted to design a metallic sticker that looked…

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How To Adjust And Clean Silhouette Blades Using Various Silhouette Blade Tools

Do you know what this nifty little tool is for? I’ve put together this video for Silhouette-machine users not thoroughly acquainted with the various cutting blades, particularly for CAMEO 3 owners. Find out how to adjust and clean Silhouette blades with…

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Do You Kill Your House Plants?

I found my solution for killing off any cute little house plants. I’m going to make them out of paper! I found this great little air plant in the Ready, Set, Make section of the Silhouette Design Store. (It’s project #1309.) The designer, Amy Robison,…

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DIY Star Headbands

I’ve been meaning to share a fun little craft we did for our New Year’s Eve party with the kids. My girls made glittery star headbands with their grandma and cousins. We used just a few simple things for this project: Lia Griffith paper star headband…

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One Inspirational Word: Curio Style A Metal Stippling Tutorial

How about another Silhouette Curio™ metal stippling tutorial today? I made a project to highlight my one inspirational word for 2017. You can find the full tutorial on the Silhouette America Blog HERE. I’ve also got a couple of other ways I created this…

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Foiled Hand Lettering Tutorial

If you follow me on Instagram, you may know my recent new interest is hand lettering of all sorts. I’ve tried brush lettering, broad-pen calligraphy, and pointed-pen calligraphy (aka modern calligraphy). Pointed pen has turned out to be my favorite. I was…

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Dual Carriage Tutorial for the Silhouette CAMEO 3 and Curio

Are you curious about the dual carriage on the new Silhouette CAMEO® 3 and on Silhouette Curio™? I’ve got a tutorial on the Silhouette America blog today showing the advantages of a dual carriage, along with steps on how to use it efficiently in both the…

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PRE-Black Friday Sale! November 23 only.

I’ve got exciting news if you’re a Silhouette fan and/or have been considering getting a Silhouette CAMEO 3! Silhouette America is opening up their Black Friday sale for early access on Wednesday, November 23, to select followers (that means you, because…

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Getting Started with Silhouette Curio™

Do I have any intimidated or overwhelmed Silhouette Curio™ users out there? I’ve written a tutorial for beginners so you know all the basics about the base, platforms, how to load and unload, etc. Check it out on the Silhouette America blog here.
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