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Marcus Santos

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Is it normal behavior to have BMI calculated using trend instead of last weight?
My example: 174cm 84kg trend 84.8kg, real BMI: 27.7, app's BMI: 28. 
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Damn never saw that option! Thanks
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Marcus Santos

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I can't get music controls to work. Is it a pro-only feature?
Also, I can't search this community to look for people with the same problem, what the hell google?
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Of course! That worked. Thanks. I had it in stand alone mode for the longest time and now switched to running with my phone but I like ghostracer enough to keep it around. I completely forgot the option. Thanks again.
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Marcus Santos

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The redraws are driving me mad. It's gotten much worse in the last version. One launch of chrome with a few tabs and immediately hitting home gives me a redraw. Went back to Nova Launcher to test if my setup made any difference and not once it happened :-\ 
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+Chris Lacy it's exactly that. Watched it all day, it happens to the bottom third of the screen. After turning on shutters it's frequency increases, happening even after a lockscreen. 
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Marcus Santos

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Anyone tested a cheap HRM strap like this connected to the watch?

I suppose it should work, but some people say in the reviews you have to connect it to your phone using and app (like strava or runtastic) and not through the android bluetooth system, so now I'm not sure it works connected to the watch. Is it also like this with name brand straps like Wahoo or Polar? 
I like this from DX. Find the cool gadgets at a incredibly low price with worldwide free shipping here.
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Cool, thanks! Whenever I get it, I shall post back my results. It's pretty inexpensive so it should be a good buy.
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Marcus Santos

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Anyone has been using Action launcher long enough to get lost when using a launcher with an app drawer? I'm more comfortable using Windows Phone 8 than the AOSP launcher now :-D 
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