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Call with Dad
After tiring day at work, Sonam went
straight home to take rest, to take a short nap, but the sleep was nowhere
near, so he decided to call his dad back at village just to see if his mom and
dad were doing good. At the other end of the connection, his fathe...
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What’s in the name?
I often wonder how one would communicate
with another if there wasn’t such thing as name and the so-called name doesn’t even
exist at all? Luckily (or unluckily) we all have names, various ones. It
becomes easy and convenient for us to communicate.  However...
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Surviving in Thimphu
Thimphu is
a beautiful city to live in, it is clean and peaceful. Foreigners called it a
“very beautiful village” just because it is a small town despite being the
capital city of tiny country. It has evolved from once a thick forest with lush
forest into a...
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Becoming Parent
I am going
to start with this: ‘It is NOT easy to be a parent’. It is not a piece of cake
for girls to become a parent (it is at the least Ok for husband); you only know
the fact and realize when you are walking here and there through the alleys of
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Looking at Life
Have you ever thought
in life like if only I took the other way, like if only I made different choice
or if only I thought twice, if only I can go back etc? I have, many times and
it still haunts me sometimes.  We come across
many junctures where we have to...
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13th October- A day to Remember
Life is
strange you know.  So many things are
happening and yet to us, it is the same and as usual. We hardly notice the
change and the things that happen around us. Today is an important day for
Bhutan and Bhutanese; a day to begin with prayer for long lif...
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Life and its Surprises
Life is
not always a wish fulfilling gem. Anything happens for a reason people say, I
don’t know if it’s for any good reason? Life has actually its own course, its
own track and ultimately we are just a part of it, merely following its
destined path. Althou...
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Career vs Family
"When will you come to me dear?" Says my wife. It has been months since we met; since we had been together; since we had our last kiss. She begins to sob and I hear her say; I miss you so much. She begins to curse her own life and blames  the above for keep...
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The Unusual Night
The other
night was different one. For no obvious reasons I was frustrated, I was sad and
I was filled with rage all over my veins. It was unusual. Lots of
uncontrollable thoughtwere running and swirling my brain. I switched on the
television screen to dive...
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Life and Death
Yesterday I was but a little kid, wondering here
and there knowing not where I was going, knowing not what is really in store
for me; life took its own turns and brought me to this very stage, I am a young
adult now, pursuing and chasing my dreams, not know...
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