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5 MB hdd is being transferred in a plane in 1956. 🙂
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Very recently there was an interesting interview with a +Niantic representative in Japan. Unfortunately, it was all in Japanese and +A Detection Algorithm did a horrible job of translating it. As the contents looked very interesting, and appeared to dispel a number of urban myths, I reached out to the awesome agent +Sarai Pahla to get it translated into a far more readable English form. Thanks Sarai! It is presented below for your information.

Original article (in Japanese)

News board - Tackling Ingress Urban Legends
Interview with +Kei Kawai, NIA Product Management Director

Item Appearance Rates
Q: Are mods more likely to appear immediately after I have used that particular mod?
A: No way

Q: Are rare items like ADA more likely to appear from higher level portals?
A: Nope. The portal level does not determine the rarity of the items that appear

Q: Are items more likely to appear from new portals
A: No way

Q: Does the rate of item appearance change if the portal level is the same but the arrangement of resonators is different?
A: Nope

Q: Is it more difficult to get items from enemy portals?
A: This is true. Friendly portals and enemy portals give items at different rates. Shields in particular appear more frequently from friendly portals. Resonators also certainly appear more frequently from friendly portals, but sometimes you do not get them from enemy portals. It is possible to hack a friendly portal and get nothing, but it is more likely with an enemy portal. Friendly portals when hacked always give you items, but in some cases, you get nothing from enemy portals.

Q: Am I more likely to get heat sinks bursters when I hack friendly portals?
A: Yes. Heat sinks Bursters appear at a slightly different frequency - they appear slightly more often at friendly portals

Destroying Mods
Q: Do mods have directionality?
A: Nope. There are a lot of people who believe this [should be the case?] so we wondered what to do and ended up going down a rabbit hole. In the end, however, the direction is entered on the portals. The direction is set from the centre of the portal in four directions.

Q: Am I more likely to destroy mods if I fire my weapons rapidly?
A: Nope. This rate doesn’t change when you fire weapons individually; the same holds true for rapid fire.

Q: Does the rate of destruction change when I long-press to fire XMPs?
A: Long-pressing the fire button increases the probability of a critical hit by 20%, so this does increase the rate of mod destruction. In other words, long-pressing the fire button is a better way of destroying mods than trying to fire rapidly.
How does the probability of mod destruction increase based on the level of XMPs and US?
(Translator note: I realise the wording is clumsy in English here, but this is the best explanation of stickiness that I have ever heard so I am sacrificing fluency at the altar of accuracy)
This is going to turn into a discussion about how these items affect mods. The first calculation involves determining whether a critical hit will occur when the weapon is fired at the mod. If there is a critical hit, then common mods will become unstuck. However, because the shields have a “stickiness” property, after determining the critical hit, there is a further calculation to determine whether the shield will become unstuck. AXAs, for example, have high stickiness.
Therefore, in order to get shields unstuck, you must first achieve a critical hit. On top of that, there is a certain amount of luck involved regarding whether or not the shield will become unstuck.
Using high-level XMPs or standing closer to the portal will increase the rate of critical hits. To destroy heavily modded portals, during anomalies for example, it is better to long-press to fire rather than to concentrate on firing at the centre.
US have a greatly increased critical hit rate. For this reason, firing low level US has a higher likelihood of achieving a critical hit than firing L8 XMPs at a distance.

The Factions
The difference between the factions

Q: ENL were dominating the measurement times during #Abaddon Okinawa, but were there actually higher numbers of ENL players?
A: No. The truth is, there was no massive difference in player numbers, which a lot of people believe was the case. Certainly, there were slightly more ENL players, but not to the extent that RES were completely outnumbered.

Q: If that is the case, was this due to superior tactics on the part of ENL?
A: Everyone has various opinions so we’ll keep quiet so as not to speak out of turn :)

Q: Is there a difference in agent numbers between the two factions when we look at Japan as a whole?
A: The two factions are generally evenly matched in terms of agent numbers, when you look at it over time.

Q: What about on a global level?
A: There may be certain perceptions, but although there are some differences in numbers in places where large numbers of people have been registered, overall, the number of active agents is about the same.

Deploying Resonators
Q: Does it take longer to deploy resonators that are high-level?
A: No way. This doesn’t change. It depends on the telecommunication environment.

MU counts
Q: Why are the seas and lakes counted? Are you counting mythical sea creatures?
A: Yes, we are. Mythical sea creatures, mermaids and fish all contribute to the MU count. You should probably be getting as many of them as you can to boost your MU…

Q: Does the rate of glyph appearance change based on the alignment of the portal?
A: Nope. This does not change based on alignment. It does, however, determine the sentences that appear. The glyphs will form sentences, so the sentences that appear do not change based on the faction of the portal. There is, however, room for discussion regarding the relationship between the sentence length and the level.

XM Granules
Q: Why does XM appear in areas where there are no people at all?
A: It is true that portals generate XM, but there are places where people are engaging in artistic activities or creative processes even though XM is not known there. These collections of XM thus represent places where several people are engaging in creative pursuits. These cannot all disappear. Conversely, there are also no locations that cannot generate XM. Whether you are able to detect them or not depends on your abilities in the scanner.

Rate of Portal Key Appearance
Q: Do keys appear more frequently after glyph hacking?
A: Nope. There are no conditions that change the probability of portal key appearance. Whether you normal hack or glyph, the rate is the same, but it has now become possible to send commands when glyph hacking. It is now possible to obtain an additional key, even though you already have one from that portal.

Differences Based on Access Level
Q: Are shields placed by agents who are above level 6 stronger?
A: Nope. The item properties do not differ based on agent level. The same applies to XMPs.

Actions by Niantic
Q: Do items appear more readily before an anomaly?
A: No way. We don’t change things to surprise people. In fact, we don’t change that at all. You would be surprised to know how much we don't manipulate things. We don't fiddle much with the settings. But we think it would be better if we did more. In order to do this, as is tradition during the yearly Ingress anniversary, we celebrate with the concept of double AP. The rest of the time, nothing changes.

About Sojourner
Q: Sojourner isn’t counted once every 24 hours?
A: No, it isn’t. There were people who felt it would be a shame to cut off the counter at exactly 24 hours, so we left a bit of wiggle room. I cannot give you the details, but it is definitely not counted in periods of 24 hours. You do have a little room to play with. (Actually it is quite a lot… I can’t say a little).

In closing
Portal submissions
We are sorry to have kept you waiting. Now that we are independent, we have been looking at this as a matter of urgency, and we want to create a system that will be as useful for all as possible. This is one of our major targets this year, so please stay tuned for more.
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I would definitely use one of these on my tombstone ;) Via Coder epitaphs
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Keep calm and frack the cluster portals

+Graeme Williams I see yours and raise you - that's nine portals in the circle without moving😄
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