Here's my weekend hobby. I've been messing with Dashclock's code, and added the following options:

- Light/Condensed font, as well as a new clock face (just before the analog clocks) and a new date style (the last one);
- Full featured color picker for the foreground and background color. A full color picker makes the configuration harder, but i think the added freedom justifies it. ARGB color codes can be entered by tapping the center color circle.
- A (fake) card shadow style for each extension;
- Different font sizes (option "Text density"). These have only been tested/optimized on a Nexus 4, so they might not look good in some devices, particularly on tablets. The "Comfortable" option is similar to the current font sizes.

The apk is here: 

Code is here:

+Roman Nurik  If you want to merge some of these changes i can try to help. I've recently been fighting with git, so the repo isn't as clean as it should be, but i think it is ok now.

Happy new year
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