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Michael Burg

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Hi folks,

A couple weeks back I asked if there was a Raspberry PI port of FastLED out there. The answer, sadly, was no, no such thing existed.

I spent a few days trying to fix that, and have come up with a port. There are several limitation:

- Only "clocked" LEDs are supported, those ones with a clock line aka 4-pins. LEDs like the WS2812, strips with only 3-pins, are not supported (yet).
- Hardware SPI is only supported.
- The port does not provide an Arduino-like framework - programming is not done using setup() or loop(), gpio interface routines are not provided, etc. However, delay, micros, and millis are support and weakly typed if you want to override them.

In theory the port should work on any Linux box, not just a RaspberryPI, as long as there is a SPI device driver that supplies a /dev/spidev* interface.

My test setup is a Raspberry PI zero running a 4.4.21+ kernel, and using a WS2801 200 LED count strand.

Check it out here:

See the file on how to compile and install the library.

The examples/LinuxDemo directory is a port of the DemoReel100 example for Linux.

I'd love some feedback on this.

Thank you,

-- Michael

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Hello folks,

Is there a version of FastLED that support the Raspberry PI by any chance?


- Michael

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