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How to calculate your hourly rate as a freelance web developer or designer
What to consider when working our your hourly rate and save some time with our hourly rate calculator.
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It's neat, but most devs are not worth $50 an hour, so they have to start at like $20-$25 if they are lucky. This is because:
1. lack of experience
1a. this leads to everything taking a lot longer than it would an experienced dev
1b. their code will not be organized well so a longer project gets messy and slower to build
1c. their code will be buggy as all hell so the client will have more QA tasks for them if they're smart enough to let the client test things for them and don't just test alone in the first place.

There are a dozen reasons why a flat rate calculator does not work. But mostly it fails to take into account experience level. And trust me, your clients don't give a shit about how many "personal" and "sick" days you want per year. If you want to succeed, you have to work and work hard at it.
Hi +Ramsez Stamper , I agree however if you were less experienced then your salary expectation would also be lower. £50 an hour is for someone requesting a pre-tax salary of £35k, a junior salary wouldn't be that high. If you took say a junior PHP salary of £25k inc tax working from home, reduce the profit to say 10% to account for experience, then that comes out at around £23 as you were suggesting.
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